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The Real Madrid dressing room puts a good face on bad weather. At the White House, the storm is injury. Fifty sum already throughout this campaign. And the response of Zidane and his men, those who are not crippled, and even those who are, is to talk together and join forces to overcome the inconveniences and continue in the fight for the League and the Champions against all odds. Thus, with very important absences such as those of Ramos, Carvajal, Varane and Hazard, they have surpassed Liverpool and Barcelona. Thus, with the new loss of Lucas Vázquez and the possible one of Valverde, they will try to eliminate the hosts of Klopp. Zizou parks for three days the league goal, in a tough fight with Atlético and Barcelona, ​​and focuses on the European Cup. The 3-1 advantage achieved at the Di Stéfano stadium does not provide confidence, only security, because the physical plague is an ostensible damage and must be countered at Anfield with dedication on the field and faith in their abilities.

Zizou is knowing how to obtain the best virtues of each of his pupils, from Isco to Marcelo through Odriozola and Militao

The imponderables take out of the Madrid squad all the best, which before was left in the inkwell of football not reflected, because it remained on the bench. Now they all play. And Zizou is knowing how to obtain the best virtues of each one of his pupils, from Isco to Marcelo through Odriozola and Militao. And more will have to find, because the loss of Lucas Vázquez is serious, for the rest of the season. “We are on the edge,” says Zinedine. But that limit makes each footballer perform on the edge of the impossible.

The misfortune has been primed this time in the versatile Galician player. Lucas endured a strong clash with Sergio Busquets in the classic. I was hoping it was just a traumatic blow. The medical tests plunged him into unease. He suffers a sprain of the posterior cruciate ligament in his left knee and will be out for at least two months.

Make yourselves of the victimhood of Barcelona

Like in the case of his friend Ramos, The injury affects the future of his career, as the Coruña ends his contract with Real Madrid in June, he has rejected a three-year renewal proposal with a 15 percent salary reduction and this situation complicates his future. He has a good offer from Bayern, in addition to proposals from the Premier and Italy, and the knee sprain affects the definition of his professional continuity. Lucas played against Barcelona, ​​probably his last game dressed in white. “I will always be from Real Madrid,” he stressed after beating Liverpool last Tuesday. It sounded like goodbye. We will see if this ailment maintains your personal situation or changes it.

The unknown of Valverde, victim of a strong blow to the sole of his right foot, multiplies Zizou’s problems with the battle of England. At the moment, the entire right wing that destroyed Barcelona on the counterattack has fallen. It will have to resort again to Odriozola like lateral. Hazard wishes to reappear there.

In this tirade, Carvajal prepares to return to football on Sunday in Getafe, where Casemiro and Nacho will not be suspended. Zinedine has to make bobbin lace to square the lineups of Anfield and the Alfonso Pérez Coliseum, the next two appointments of the two competitions he fights. But the wardrobe comforts him. All have spoken to “stay alive until the end.” A white kitchen that is fed up, by the way, of Barcelona’s complaints: “They never recognize that we have won, if they lose it is always because of the referee. That’s good!”

The white field hospital

Lucas. Sprain of the posterior cruciate ligament of the left knee. The season is over for the Galician.

Valverde. He suffers a strong blow to the sole of his right foot, Duda for Liverpool.

Carvajal. The casualties may force their reappearance on Sunday in Getafe, where Casemiro and Nacho will not be.

Hazard. He is discharged and his desire is to reappear with a few minutes in Liverpool.

Early. Low due to Covid, he missed the games against Liverpool and Barcelona. He hopes to play on the 21st in Cádiz.

Ramos. Expect to play in early May. His desire is to play the second leg of a hypothetical semi-final of the Champions League.

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