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The fourth wall is a cinematographic resource in which the leading actor breaks the interpretation barrier and addresses an expectant audience directly. The comparison can be seen in a permeable relationship between the world’s leading power and its majority partner, Mexico (it exports almost as much product to the neighboring country as the entire European Union together). ABC interviews four experts in education, economics, journalism and politics to eradicate myths and entertain one of the most gargantuan relationships with its two main actors: Joe Biden Y Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO). Will they tear down the fourth wall?

Rafael Fernandez de Castro He is director of the Center for Mexico-United States Studies at the University of California at San Diego, as well as founder and former head of the Department of International Studies at the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM).

According to him, the friendship between the two countries “has been on the defensive because Trump He ordered his neighboring country with the wall to divide the border, deport millions of Mexicans and end the OIL (North American Free Trade Agreement, for its acronym in English).

«The relationship has been touched on two matters: trade and migration. Trump paid no attention to bilateral issues. Lopez Obrador Y Peña grandson they have acted correctly, avoiding a superfluous confrontation with him. Biden is aware of the expulsion of Central Americans and Mexicans, and understands perfectly that for all the challenges that will arise in the world, he needs to have a key alliance with Canada and Mexico, “says Fernández.

This expert sees immigration reform as unlikely, and finds it difficult for Biden to fulfill his promise to send this law to Congress and to regularize all the undocumented, of which 70% are Mexican. Although he thinks that he will accept migrants, and the students known as “dreamers” (dreamers) achieve legislation for their permanent residence and that of their parents, thanks to the program IF (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). In addition, he assures that more than 70 international companies have been opened in Tijuana, thus nominating the state of Baja California as a place of reference less than 300 miles from Silicon Valley.

The journalist Ana Paula Ordorica, from the Mexican television network Televisa, considers the start of AMLO’s relations with Biden as “a bit complicated.” In addition, he says that “a lack of knowledge of the US electoral process made AMLO not grant a recognition like the one practically all countries have done.”

He recognizes that what excites him most about Biden’s victory is his commitment to clean and renewable energy. He assures that the Democrat will be much more aware of what Mexico does. “This is a sovereign country, and its president has his own ideas in the energy sector, but we must not forget that certain US and Canadian companies have signed certain contracts that must be respected,” Ordorica clarifies.

Aware that Beijing has stopped having commercial relations with Washington, after the tariffs imposed by the Trump Administration, Ordorica says that “Mexico is seen as the perfect substitute for China. It has no competition with Canada over manufactured products that were imported from the Asian giant. Canada has other products such as dairy, our country has specialized in agricultural and manufacturing products, where it is entering strongly ».

“Beyond the political”

Director of the Mexican institution Nacional Financiera, and named “Entrepreneur of the Year” by GQ Magazine in 2013, Gerardo Gutierrez Candiani He comments that “in the bilateral relationship there is a great opportunity to correct political movements. Biden is more in favor of instrumentalization than radicalization. ‘ In addition, he stresses that it will be a government of checks and balances, with a Democratic chamber and a Republican Senate.

“The bilateral relationship is so close and important that it surpasses any leadership regarding non-congratulations. We have carried out a very long-term process since the first free trade agreement that was ratified with the Treaty between Mexico, USA and Canada(T-MEC). It is too valuable a relationship: we are one of the two commercial partners of the most notable country in the world. And it is an issue that goes far beyond the political, it is a long-term and economic issue. Mexico should be the big winner, regardless of its competitiveness, generating investment, “says the businessman.

Another expert who emphasizes the importance of said treaty is Manuel Perez, promoter of commercial relations and international strategic interests of Mexico, especially with the United States. He is also head of the Office of the Presidency of the Confederation of Industrial Chambers of the Aztec country (CONCAMIN), among many other positions.

“There is an impression that the Mexican is more comfortable with the victory of a Democratic president than with that of a Republican, but it is more of an interpretation. It is not necessarily reality. We are facing a historic moment. In 1994, with the entry of the free trade agreement, things changed a lot. When he lost the election George H. W. Bush, it seemed that this agreement was going to end as soon as it began, but with the arrival of Bill Clinton followed. He threw a great bond to Mexico and financial stability with a credit line of 70,000 million dollars. It strengthened financial assets and left the country calm for the last 25 years, “explains Pérez.

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