A spill of slurry in the Tambre causes turbidity in the water of Santiago




Almost all the citizens of the Galician capital, Santiago de Compostela, have found their taps pouring brown water this sunday. This turbidity is due to the maneuvers carried out in the supply after a spill of slurry that reached the Tambre river forced the water treatment plant to stop the catchment.

In fact, on Saturday afternoon several neighborhoods of the city had received a warning that they would suffer water cuts for hours due to this agricultural filtration in a catchment point of the river, in the vicinity of the drinking water treatment station (ETAP). Finally, the supply cuts were not necessary, but the Conello asked the citizens to they won’t waste the water and use it “in a reasonable way.” Specifically, the waste comes from a livestock farm located in the neighboring municipality of Trazo.

However, Viaqua informs that during the day on Sunday many neighborhoods of Santiago, including the center, may be affected by the works carried out to solve the leak, generating turbidity in the water.

“The worst is over”

The director of Augas de Galicia, Teresa Rodríguez, explained this Sunday morning, in statements to Europa Press, that the ETAP was able to function again because the oxygen levels both in the Tambre and in the tributary «they had quite recovered».

“But you have to keep checking, because part of the leak is on the ground. They are trying to withdraw, but it is impossible to withdraw completely, “he added. The slurry that originated the problem escaped from a raft after one of the gates was opened “without knowing why”, as the livestock farm itself has transferred to the administrations, reports Ep.

The spillage of 200,000 liters of slurry into a tributary of the Tambre has its origin in an agricultural and livestock farm located in the municipality of Trazo and was detected by Augas de Galicia on thursday night. However, the ETAP notified the first alterations in the early hours of Saturday, after which it proceeded to stop the capture.

Of course, the director of Augas de Galicia has assured that this episode «is under investigation»By both the Civil Guard and the Autonomous Police. Those responsible could face a fine, the amount of which may depend on variables such as “severity” or “intentionality.”

However, Teresa Gutiérrez has stated that “the worst is over”, so they consider that the levels of contamination “are not going to be that high” again. For this reason, it considers that the water treatment plant «should not have problems to treat the water in the next few days “, because” they acted fairly quickly in retaining and withdrawing. “

Tank trucks

On Saturday afternoon and night the situation was so critical that they got Tank trucks at the service of citizens so that they could have drinking water. As explained by the City Council, the impact of this discharge in the river is being “more serious and lasting” than the first information indicated. For this reason, a protocol had to be established to cut the supply to the aforementioned areas.

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