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138 seconds was enough for Ilia Topuria to establish itself in the UFC, the largest mixed martial arts (MMA) organization on the planet. A star has been born, he wanted to say, as the one who does not want the thing, through his hands, knocking out an experienced Damon Jackson in the first round, and achieving his second victory in the American company. It was his second fight there, but it was a premiere. Aware of the importance of marketing on the other side of the pond, he inaugurated the nickname: “The matador”. Of course it is. His unbeaten record, 10-0, and his excellent level in all facets of the game, suggests that, at 23, is the top prospect in the featherweight category.

It is true that everything that goes up can come down with a bump, but in the case of Ilia Topuria it does not seem that it will be like that. In his first fight, with only eight days’ notice in front of Youssef Zalal, a tough bone that came from winning his three battles in 2020 in the UFC octagon, the Hispano-Georgian swept him off the map, dominating with the fight on the ground and was very close to finishing it. Having passed the coronavirus recently took its toll on him and he looked tired at the end of the lawsuit. In this second fight, he capitalized on his options with the standing fight, specifically with hands of a level that will probably allow him to be soon “ranked” in the top 15.

«The truth is that I expected to knock him out in the first round. I have respected his area and I have taken him to where I was totally superior, where I believed that he had no opportunity, “said the Hispano-Georgian after the battle in reference to the good level of ground that Jackson had. If it were up to him, he would return in a few days. He wants more. «I am very hungry. I would like to return as soon as possible. I feel very good, if they gave me another fight in a week I would be happy to come back. But after returning to Miami, where he was received with great affection by his companions of the “MMA Masters”, he will return to Madrid this Thursday to head to Alicante, where his family awaits him.

The MMA fan who was unaware of Ilia Topuria before her UFC debut, he must have been amazed at his game of ground. If he had any doubts about his ability to strike, he disappeared at a stroke, a facet that he has been honing in the development of his abilities since he made his debut in mixed martial arts at the age of 15. The best example that shows the great performances of the Hispano-Georgian in the Olympus of this sport is the double congratulations from the UFC president, Dana White. The boss was impressed with his performance against Zalal, something that happened again when Jackson was put to sleep in just over two minutes. The MMA “kingpin” knows that another star is already visible in his galaxy.

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