A technical failure caused the ‘purple’ of the flag in the October 12 parade




The Spanish flag that painted the sky of Madrid during the military parade of the October 12 °, National Holiday Day, on Tuesday occupied an important part of the messages published on social networks for a detail that did not leave anyone indifferent: one of the seven planes seemed to come out with a color that looked more like purple than red. Even the former vice president of the Government Pablo Iglesias, openly Republican, sneeringly rejected “any implication.”

Given the commotion caused, the Eagle Patrol has offered explanations of what happened. What is seen in the sky when these planes make a colored trail is a diesel fuel and dye mixture. The fuel is sprayed onto the engine’s exhaust gases, which, when combined with the dye, draw the flag in the sky.

However, something did not go as planned. Commander Martín, head of the Aguila Patrol, has confirmed to ABC that the problem was in the lever that should actuate the smoke outlet (the diesel) of the Eagle 6. When it failed, the valve that injects the fuel did not start and the dye came out unmixed, leaving a darker line on Madrid than expected. Only color was burned. At first it came out red, but as it burned, charcoal formed in the tube, which made the output color darken, ”says the commander.

Various tests and a reserve plane

The few seconds in which the Eagle Patrol can be seen on the Paseo de la Castellana are the result of hours and hours of work and preparation. On Sunday, a smoke and color test was already carried out with the planes that were going to be used and it was considered “satisfactory”. «If it had not been, the plane with failure would have stayed in San Javier (Murcia) and we would have taken another without fail, “says the head of the Eagle Patrol.

On Tuesday, the day of the parade, a new “equally satisfactory” test was held. A reserve plane, loaded in red, also takes off 20 minutes later, in case any of the seven main planes have to withdraw for any reason, such as an emergency or a bird strike.

“When we did the smoke and color test, we checked the smoke and the color of each other,” says Commander Martín, who adds: “It was seen that red smoke came out, with little flow, but in any case red ». And here the problem began, despite the fact that “everything was done as it should have been done”: “From above, looking at the next plane, we took it for granted, and that is why the reserve plane did not play.”

«In the past bull, having seen the result and the commotion caused, we should have gotten into the reserve plane to play. This serves as a lesson learned. In the future, at the slightest doubt, the reserve plane will come to play“, Says the leader of the Eagle Patrol, who is blunt in the face of comments on social networks:” Our loyalty to His Majesty and the national flag is beyond doubt. “

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