A ‘tip’ from Laporta to Tebas, key in the puncture of the Superliga



In the ‘puncture’ of the European Football Super League announced last Sunday, in what seemed a premature staging, it could have a fundamental role Joan Laporta because the president of Barcelona would have been the person who, a few days before, would have given the ‘tip’ to Javier Tebas on the imminent announcement of the project designed by the greats of continental football to create a new competition, according to an information published by the New York Times. A notice that the president of LaLiga would have immediately transferred to UEFA, which in this way was able to react and design its strategy to appease the ‘rebels’. In this context it would be understood the forceful and rapid response of the Government of Boris Johnson, which threatened the English clubs with categorical measures to prevent them from continuing on the boat of a project in which now they only continue Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus.

According to the aforementioned medium, Joan Laporta, who was in Madrid, would have had a meal last Thursday with the president of LaLiga, a formal meeting after the electoral victory of the Barça leader in his club’s elections. At the meeting and in the middle of the conversation, the Barça president revealed to Thebes that his team intended to join eleven other top European teams to form an alternative competition to the Champions. An idea that began to take shape years ago and that would finally be officially announced shortly. That announcement came on Sunday, but UEFA I already had the counterattack ready to stop the ‘wayward’. After receiving the information from Laporta, the call of Thebes to Aleksander Ceferin, the president of the highest body of world football, accelerated the response measures to end the Super League.

After pulling his strings in European football and alarmed to confirm that the information received by Javier Tebas It had signs of being a reality, Ceferin began to design the counterattack against the ‘rebels’ who, 48 hours after the announcement of the birth of the new competition, began to back down. First they left the six English clubs (Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United), a withdrawal that continued with Atlético de Madrid and two Italian teams, Inter and Milan.

Only the Real Madrid, Barcelona, which this Thursday made its position official, and Juventus continue now in a project that continues to talk.

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