A total of 160 Afghan refugees arrive in Spain from Pakistan



Late in the afternoon today, the second of the planes with which the Government has launched the second phase of the Operation Afghanistan.

At the Torrejón de Ardoz air base (Madrid) 160 Afghan citizens landed, between collaborators and their families, from Pakistan on an Air Europa company plane, which arrived more than an hour late. When they got off the aircraft, many cried, hugged and took photos all together to immortalize the moment of their arrival in Spain.

Afghan citizens form a total of 28 families that, as soon as they got off the plane, they underwent an antigen test and entered the transit hangar with Army and Red Cross personnel. There they were offered shelter and some fruit, water and a yogurt. After the police control, they went to the living area that has been set up in the air base for them, where they will remain for the next few days.

This figure of 160 refugees, including more than 50 minors, joins the 84 who arrived on Monday night in an A400M Air Force plane and the 2,206 people – of whom 1,671 were collaborators who worked for Spain – who were evacuated last August, when the Taliban they seized political control of Afghanistan.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, Jose Manuel Albares; the Minister of Defense, Margaret Robles; the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska and the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, received this second flight from Islamabad at the foot of the runway.

Albares declared that this is how the second phase of this operation ended «happily», which ends «with the same success as the first» and under the premise «of leave no one behind». “There are still people in Afghanistan with a very uncertain future. We are going to continue working to achieve peace and prosperity for all of them, ”said Albares. Robles assured that there was “no better way to end the day of the national holiday”: “From a sanitary, generous and building Spain. The Spain of which we are proud, bringing these people who come here with enthusiasm and know that they will find a much better future ».

Marlaska joined the statements of his colleagues and assured that this operation “represents the values ​​of our Spain.” Like Darias, thanked public officials who have worked “to guarantee the future of these people.”

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