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«The truest, most authentic, deepest music is not the one that results from the sum of the notes; it is the one that is between the notes, “said the great conductor Ricardo Mutti on one occasion. This journey to the “soul” of music is what “Symphony” intends, the virtual reality project that introduces the viewer to the stage of the great Gran Teatre del Liceu by the hand of another of the great current directors, the Venezuelan Gustavo Dudamel .

Behind this immersive experience is La Caixa Foundation and it disembarks in Valladolid, where it will remain until December 13, after its premiere last September in Barcelona and also after passing through Santnader. The project, which sees the light after four gestation, includes two films of 12 minutes each whose intention, Marcel Gregori, project advisor, has indicated in his presentation, is to “bring classical music to all audiences in a non-classical way ».

The musicos Ruth Mateu, Daniel Egwurube y Manuela Díaz they are the protagonists of the first story. Each one of them located in three different places -a Mediterranean coastal area, the New York subway and a plantation in the Colombian jungle-, the environments of these three locations and their daily realities are precisely the “embryos” that will give rise to the different musical genres.

The confluence of these three musicians at the Gran Teatre del Liceu It gives rise to the second of the films, which is the one that really involves the immersive experience, “generating sensations until now non-existent”. To do this, he places the viewer on the same stage in front of Gustavo Dudamel, as if he were also a musician performing Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony with the hundreds of interpreters from the Mahler Chamber Orchestra and the Gustavo Dudamel Foundation. Sometimes he brings him closer to string instruments, sometimes to wind instruments and he even introduces him to one of the violins performed by the luthier David Bagué, one of the most renowned in his field. With this, he seeks to “achieve deep emotions and sensations,” explained Gregori, who added that the experience is based on creating a “different language” between the sender and the receiver, which adds “possibilities of enjoyment” to the second.

“Symphony uses classical music as a channel to experiment from a pedagogical prism with the past and the future using new technologies, virtual reality, 360-degree images and a host of special effects,” added Marc Benhamou, territorial director of CaixaBank in Galicia and in Castilla y León.

La Acera de Recoletos, next to Campo Grande, Hosts in Valladolid until next December 13 this initiative, originally planned for 50 spectators at each show, although the current restrictions due to the Covid pandemic impose a maximum of 16 people. To be able to participate in this “virtual journey to the heart of music”, those interested must be over 8 years of age and reserve their free seat at the ticket offices located on the premises, or through the website symphony.fundacionlacaixa.org. of forty minutes each and for a maximum of 16 people due to capacity restrictions, they will take place from Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 3:45 to 9 p.m., and on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and from 16:30 to 21 hours.

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