A TV wall mount saves space and enhances the viewing experience

Articulating and swiveling TV wall mount

It is TV wall mount It is the first of the offers that Amazon has received the specially selected label within its category. It is a wall mounted TV mount that holds up to 20 kg of weight.

It has an easy installation, on 3 easy steps. Just place the bracket on the TV, mount the plate on the wall and connect the TV to the wall plate. It also comes with all the necessary tools and accessories, which adapt to all types of flat and curved televisions.

This TV wall mount. It allows adjust tilt angle comfortably and leaves room to access cables.

White wall TV bracket

It is TV wall mountWhite, It has also received the label of specially selected and is another of the best evaluations has received from buyers.

Good supports, good finish and strong in both stiffness and fit. White is perfect for the kitchen. It is very versatile and easy to install. These are some of the latest positive ratings you have received this Properav brand white TV wall mount.

It is an ideal support for confined spaces and small appliances. Supports up to 15kg in weight and adapts to televisions, from 13up to 28 inches. It allows an inclination of 70º up and down.

Universal fixed wall TV bracket

It is TV wall mount, of type permanent and with adaptability universal, is another outstanding offer and surely one of the versatile that you will be able to find on this list. The Elbe brand fixed wall TV mount, adapts to televisions from 24 ” to 60 ”, practically all sizes on the market and holds up to 30 kg weight.

It is a fixed wall TV mount, really practical to place in rooms where the furniture barely leaves space.

Of course, includes all accessories and tools necessary for assembly and placement.

Ultra slim wall TV mount

It is ultra slim TV wall mount is one of the options plus discreet that you will be able to find. Like the previous model that we have shown you, it is a fixed wall TV mount and adapts to practically the same device sizes.

Easily handle LCD and plasma screens from 23 ” up to 55 ” recommended sizes. It has an ultra-slim, low-profile design, which only distance in 26 mm from the wall (1 inch).

Of course, like all previous models of TV wall mounts, it includes all the necessary tools and accessories and is easy to install.

Compact TV wall mount

We finished with another of the top offers on TV wall mount, in this case a compact model, with a super discreet and elegant design. This TV wall mount compact, It adapts to all kinds of screens, LCD, OLED y plasma.

It is compatible with sizes from 26 inches, until 55 ”. This is the model of wall mount TV that can offer you the best benefits in weight resistance, it is compatible with models of up to 45kg.

Of course, you have to be very sure of the type of wall in which you need to install it, because it is not compatible with facilities of cast.


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