Ábalos announces a new model of railway networks against depopulation




The Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, José Luis Ábalos, announced this Thursday in León that his department is working with Adif to define a new model of railway traffic that enhances the activity of the most depopulated Spain. This was highlighted during his speech at the inauguration ceremony of the Circulation Regulation Center (CRC) in León, a “pioneer” facility in the management of rail traffic since it became the first multi-network command post in Spain , from where the traffic of three different networks will be controlled: high speed, conventional and metric width.

In his speech, Ábalos explained that the new model in which the Ministry and Adif are working will seek to improve circulation to boost the activity in Spain most affected by depopulation, reports Efe. “It involves a transformation of the railway circulation model that will result in increasing the efficiency of the network and generating opportunities throughout the territory,” the minister remarked.

He added that, with this objective, the technology and security of the 22 existing CRCs will be strengthened, and he specified that the creation of multi-network centers will be a key step, led by the one inaugurated today, and, on the other hand, They will renew the Itinerant Circulation Services (SIC +) to provide a more efficient and connected response to the rail network.

For this, staff and resources will be grouped in small and medium-sized cities throughout the country, which will act as a complement to the CRCs.

Regarding the new CRC inaugurated this Thursday, Ábalos explained that it will manage the railway traffic of 1,200 kilometers of network, which represents an increase of more than 30% of the lines that were already managed from León, given that the 190 kilometers of High Speed ​​of the Palencia-León-Pola de Lena line are added, once the Pajares Bypass is inaugurated, and 108 of the metric gauge network between León and Guardo.

For the minister, “this CRC is possible thanks to the firm commitment to the most advanced technology that has facilitated the integration of several networks in a single command post.”

“From the Ministry we have always bet on the integration of networks that responds to much more important parameters: security, reliability and connectivity,” Ábalos stressed.

He has also underlined the “effort” of the Government to face the Demographic Challenge and, therefore, has insisted that the inauguration of this CRC in León represents a commitment to the fight against this depopulation process.

“This center represents opportunities with the consolidation of the 52 workers who were already carrying out their duties and the increase of 12 more jobs that therefore offer 64 opportunities for qualified and quality employment,” he said.

Mitma Resource Relocation Plan

This action is part of the Mitma Resource Relocation Plan, a Plan, he pointed out, which “is conceived as a lever to increase opportunities for the rural population and small and medium-sized cities.”

On the other hand, Ábalos has warned of the importance of the incorporation of León to the Atlantic Corridor and, in general, of the railway corridors in infrastructure policy, and has specified that «the Atlantic corridor and the Mediterranean do not compete, they complement each other, because connectivity with Europe is not understood without either of the two ».

“These corridors allow access to European financing from both the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism funds and the CEF Funds and, with them, it is possible to move towards a backbone, coherent and intermodal rail system of the country that leaves no territory behind », Has settled.

Finally, the minister has announced that the works on the Pajares railway variant “are going very well” and in 2021 it will go to the testing phase because the project is already in the final phase.

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