Ábalos is elusive to the intervention of the rental price that he agreed with United We Can




On the 28th the deadline agreed between the two government parties to negotiate the Housing Law and the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda ends, Jose Luis Ábalos, has been clear when admitting this Monday that the PSOE refuses to limit rental prices. His words have stirred United We Can (UP) because on October 27, the Socialists promised to regulate prices within the framework of budget negotiations.

“The law will be taken to the Council of Ministers within a maximum period of three months and will be presented to the Congress of Deputies in a maximum of four months,” stated in the document presented by the coalition government. “The law will be co-proponents of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda and the Vice Presidency of Social Rights”, it is added.

Ábalos has acknowledged his rejection during the press conference after the Federal Executive of the PSOE. You have said that the two parties have “two different conceptions” regarding rent, peror that the PSOE considers “more positive and effective to promote than not to impose.” In this sense, they are betting on “tax incentives” and other measures, and are very reluctant to limit rental prices, because, as they say, “there may be a detraction of the market.”

“It seems to us that there are elements to bring homes to the market and do so at an affordable price through tax incentives and also with other measures,” Ábalos explained. «Housing is a right, but also it is a market good that generates economic activity », has continued.

The party of the second vice president, Pablo Iglesias, reproaches the PSOE for days for its refusal to intervene in the rental market despite the fact that both reached that commitment in October. Sources of the Second Vice Presidency also reproach that it is part of the Government agreement. But it is admitted that they saw it coming because of the “lack of will” shown by the Socialists in recent months.

“The agreement is binding,” the Secretary of State for the 2030 Agenda wrote on Twitter this Monday, Ione Grass. She is the head of the negotiating team for the Second Vice Presidency of Iglesias. Last Thursday he resumed negotiations with the Secretary General for the Urban and Housing Agenda, David Lucas, which mediates on behalf of the Ministry of Transport. The talks had come to a standstill during the campaign for the Catalan elections.

The Socialists also face criticism from ERC and Bildu, who from outside the coalition government demand explanations from the minister and show their concern that the agreements are not fulfilled. This afternoon the pro-independence spokesmen have registered the request for appearance in the Congress of the Minister of Transport in the commission of the same name so that he can “report on the Government’s plan to legislate to limit the rental price.”

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