“AC75s can be three or four times faster than the wind”



Australian Glenn Ashby, one of the key men in the Emirates Team New Zealand design team and wing sail controller aboard ‘Te Rehutai’ explained that the AC75, “In the right conditions, they are capable of sailing three to four times faster than the speed of the wind.”

Has added that “The speeds of the AC75s are quite impressive, especially upwind (against the wind) and the performance levels of the boats have gone beyond what the designers believed they could go.”

“Sometimes we are 6-10 knots (10 to 18 km / h) faster upwind than with the AC50 (the catamarans with ‘foils’ used in the last edition of the America’s Cup in Bermuda in 2017) and directly reach 50 knots (90 km / h). The AC75 monohulls are extremely maneuverable and from a design concept perspective, we have exceeded all our expectations. “, has added.

Even so, he warns that the entire crew must be fully coordinated and empathetic because there are also complicated moments, and also explains that, “If someone wants to know what it feels like to sail in a wind of 15 to 20 knots (28 to 48 km / h) at speeds of 35-40 knots (68 to 75 km / h), they should sit in the seat of a car and take out the head through the sunroof at 100 or 120 km / h on a highway. ”

Ashby has analyzed the second training session of the World Series of the 36th America’s Cup, which only had two participating teams: the defending Emirates Team New Zealand and the Italian ‘Luna Rossa’ since the British INEOS Team did not the American ‘American Magic’ did not go overboard.

The session ended at 18:15 Auckland time (06:15 Spanish time) on Thursday and the AC75 ‘Te Rehutai’ (Sea Breeze) of Emirates Team New Zealand has made a show of force against the first challenger, the Luna Rossa in the afternoon session delayed by strong winds blowing over Race Course E, off the Bucklands Beach area, one of five to be made available for the Cup.

The New Zealand team perfectly controlled the start in the first heat. In the second race he was in full control against the Italians and in their third match, they used their greater speed to overcome them.

The absence of the other two challengers was a disappointment and a special blow for the INEOS Team of the British Sir Ben Ainslie, who will not be able to be in the boat versus boat training races (Match Race) since in the first practice session Tuesday they had technical problems.

Although everything is kept secret, it is believed that it was a problem with their mast, which forced them to return to their base in a towed. In the case of the ‘American Magic’ they had a good start to the first session but they had some last minute problems and it is speculated that they were in the helm area.

Both teams have had their base hangars closed and the ground teams have been working intensively since yesterday. His next target is the official training races on Friday, but there are doubts about that.

There are other training regattas scheduled for Monday and Tuesday before the start of the World Series and the Christmas Cup regatta on December 17-20.

“Knowing that we have races very soon is even more exciting, because we can put all the work that we have done as a whole team to the test. We know that we are going to have the eyes of the world on us. It is a great test and although the World Series does not it will have nothing to do with the final of the 36th Copa América, in three months, it is an event in which we want to compete and give our best “, concludes the Australian navigator.

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