Aitana is choked on the burger



Aitana counts from this week with its own menu of McDonald’s, which he presented yesterday in an act that was attended by the singer and with Dani Mateo as the host of the event. Consisting of a double cheese CBO, four McNuggets with BBQ sauce, ketchup fries, Coke Zero and a mini McFlurry Oreo with caramel topping.

A novel initiative with an exceptional emabajadora in which McDonald’s has wanted to demonstrate that all people, whoever they are, can have their favorite menu. “Having my own McDonald’s menu has been able to fulfill a dream. I’ve been a fan of the brand since I was little and I have fond memories of my childhood associated with moments spent in McDonald’s restaurants. I hope people enjoy it with the same enthusiasm as I do, “said the artist during the event.

But the reception of this campaign by the former ‘OT’ contestant on social networks has not been exactly good. Many have shown their disappointment in promoting unhealthy and ultra-calorie food. Sure you do, doing junk food drive. They do not know how to attract people to continue consuming unhealthy food intakes, ”wrote one user.

«Aitana doing evil for money for people of whom it is a reference. It is a reference for children, adolescents and older people. Brands know it and hire you to ‘sell’ a bad, unhealthy and obesity-promoting food. Bad Aitana here », says another. The discontent has been such that the artist has become viral on Twitter.

The worst thing is that the singer is gluten intolerant, for which more criticism has rained down on him. There have been so many that the artist had to clarify this morning that she was detected intolerance before the summer and the collaboration with McDonald’s is earlier: «When I accepted this collaboration it was a long time ago. In the middle of the year, before the summer, I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Well, gluten intolerant. It has been a roll because we already had the campaign done. The reality is that I have asked myself this all my life. Now I have to order the gluten-free burger, which also has it. There is no point in repeating it because all my life I have asked for the CBO. That is the one that I feel like my menu ».

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