Albacete recognizes 13 citizens for their exemplary conduct



The Albacete Local Police held this Saturday an institutional act in which it commemorated its 167th anniversary, an event that in 2020 they could not celebrate due to the health situation. The event, which took place at the headquarters of the Local Police, was chaired by the vice mayor, Vicente Casañ, together with the president of the Superior Court of Justice of Castilla-La Mancha, Vicente Rouco, and the senior prosecutor, Emilio Fernández, in addition from other civil, military and ecclesiastical authorities. Casañ excused the absence of the mayor, Emilio Sáez, who is attending the Thiers Cutlery Fair.

During the institutional act, 13 citizens of Albacete were recognized who have demonstrated exemplary behavior, either helping third parties or collaborating in the resolution of crimes. They are: Rodrigo Moreno, Feliciano Mondéjar, the girl Lucía Muñoz, José Villaescusa, Elena Ichín, Mihaela Moraru, Javier Monteagudo, José Andrés Losa, María Llanos Jiménez, Doralba Valencia, Manuel Navarro and José Antonio García.

In addition, retired police officers were also recognized: Inspector Federico Gómez, Officer Ángel Lara and agents José Ramón Ballestero, Antonio Ruiz, Francisco Jara, Domingo Cózar, Antonio García, Pedro Simón, Carlos Ruiz, Juan José Aroca, Ernesto Sánchez, Clemente Sánchez and Manuel Sánchez.

Likewise, the inspector Ramón López and the police officers Antonio Ruiz and Hortensia Moreno received the medal for Professional Merit, with a silver badge. The medal for Permanence with a Gold Badge was collected by Deputy Inspector Marcelino Picazo and with a Silver Badge, by María José Corredor. Finally, the permanence of more than 25 years was recognized to the sub-inspector Luciano Rosillo, the officers Manolo Santos and Constantino Sánchez, and the police officers María del Carmen Sánchez, Venancio Muñoz and Emilio Martínez.

Injured when a skylight was broken

On the other hand, a 30-year-old young man was injured on Friday afternoon when he fell from a height of 10 meters after breaking a skylight in a building on Cristóbal Colón street in Albacete. The emergency services received the notice shortly after seven in the afternoon. The wounded man was transferred to the Albacete university hospital. As a result of the accident, the young man fell into a garage.

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