Alcohol use in pregnancy is the leading cause of intellectual disability in the West




The Socidrogalcohol scientific society recalls that alcohol use in pregnancy is the leading cause of intellectual disability in the West, and is related to late fetal death and irreversible neurological abnormalities. Despite this, he denounces, it is currently estimated that in Spain six out of ten pregnant women consume some alcohol during pregnancy, according to Ep.

TEAF includes four possible clinical manifestations: Complete Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Partial Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Alcohol-Related Neurodevelopmental Disorder, and Alcohol-Related Birth Defects or Fetal Defects.

According to the study ” Relationship between prenatal exposure to alcohol and tobacco consumption of the mother with the risk of fetal death‘Recently published,’ Drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco during the first trimester of pregnancy is associated with almost three times the risk of late fetal death (at 28 weeks or more), compared to women who do not drink or smoke during pregnancy. pregnancy or who stop smoking before the end of the first trimester ».

The degree of affectation depends on many factors, but in general it can be assured that alcohol prevents normal brain development, which in most cases causes learning difficulties, as well as behavioral and social integration problems.

Children with TEAF have basic cognitive difficulties (attention, information processing, decision-making, etc.), along with difficulties to interact socially, which makes them easily experience social rejection or be victims of bullying and easily vulnerable .

People with TEAF take a long time to learn from their mistakes, which makes them easily commit crimes and end up facing a justice that treats them like adults, but that forgets that their mental age does not correspond to the real one. TEAF has an incidence 10 times higher than Down syndrome and slightly higher than Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Last June, the Congress-Senate Joint Commission approved a non-legislative proposal with the aim of helping to alleviate fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. The approved text contemplates the elaboration of a study that helps to determine the number of patients who should be recognized with TEAF.

“This will improve the quality of life of people with this disorder by helping to improve their living conditions and promote their inclusion in society,” they point out. The proposal takes into account the development of a protocol for early detection, the empowerment of research groups that help improve treatment in this specific field of health and childhood.

And it is also proposed to design a Prevention Plan to eradicate alcohol consumption in pregnant women through information and campaigns. The creation of a web portal is also contemplated to bring together information and training aimed at families and teachers of educational centers to be able to correctly attend to children with this disorder.

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