Alejandro Sanz, from festival to Formentera … Live music once again conquers «streaming»



When it seemed that the worst was over, the streaming concerts stopped cluttering the lockdown schedules. But now what the cold is coming, and it seems clear that there will have to be more patience with the end of the pandemic, the proposals of live music online proliferate again like mushrooms this fall.

The most original is undoubtedly that of SONEG Posidonia, a festival that had already proven to be different in its three previous editions, in which a small group of people enjoyed the best music, gastronomy and nature in Formentera. All this in defense of «Save Posidonia Project», a pioneering plan that works to protect the posidonia, the marine plant responsible for the quality and particular color of the island’s waters. Faced with the impossibility of performing as in previous years, SON Estrella Galicia Posidonia has reinvented itself to become the first immersive and interactive festival, combining online and offline experiences that connect with each other to rediscover the island with the five senses. On the one hand, it will be an interactive audiovisual experience reminiscent of “choose your own adventure” books, in which the public can decide which route they want to follow. And on the other, a special pack SON Estrella Galicia that is sent to the festival-goers’ house It will serve as a bracelet, to live this original idea with the five senses (available here). El pack includes a box of beers of different types with their glass to taste them, and another box with artisan preserves from the sea (octopus, oysters, fish loins …), to make pairings that are reminiscent of Formentera while enjoying the concerts.

From its premiere on November 19, the public will be able to immerse themselves in this audiovisual and sensory experience that will last approximately 55 minutes, which can be extended up to 3 hours if the process is repeated, creating new navigations in which to enjoy the great abundance of shots recorded in high quality with a subjective camera, where the spectator will constantly feel that he is experiencing the same sensations of the festival.

Alejandro Sanz It also joins the online concert schedule, announcing a very special appointment: next December 5 he returns to the stage virtually to say goodbye to 2020 in the company of his followers around the world. The concert is paid (15 euros) and will be broadcast live via “streaming” from the city of Madrid where the artist, accompanied by a band composed mostly of regular musicians on his tours, will offer a repertoire specially chosen for the occasion. It will include his greatest hits revisited in an unprecedented way, songs never before performed live to date and some surprises.

The acting It will be held at 1 am from December 5 to 6 Spanish time, and tickets are available starting this Wednesday, November 18 at the official Web of the event.In addition, all those who buy the ticket in advance will have exclusive access to an interview in which Alejandro Sanz himself will explain the entire process of preparing this event, in addition to opting to win 2 very special prizes: An individual virtual Meet & Greet with the artist and two VIP tickets for the concert of their choice to be held in the year 2021

Alejandro Sanz’s relationship with his followers has been especially close since the beginning of the pandemic. Already in the month of March and spontaneously, it offered through YouTube the first performance on a digital platform #LaGiraSeQuedaEnCasa that have been seen to date by almost five million people. A week later, on March 21, the theme “#ElMundoFuera” came to light, with which a documentary film with the same title was also launched where the musician presents a new perspective on the historical events experienced during 2020, through from a platform from which anyone in the world has been able to share their videos and show their most personal vision of confinement, thus creating the largest collaborative project of an artist in the Spanish language and that will be able to be seen soon.

On the same day, December 5, Liam Gallagher will give another live streaming concert called “Down By The River” through #OCESAIrrepetible. For this performance, Liam Gallagher and his band will be cruising the River Thames while performing songs from his solo discography and songs from his band Oasis.

Bunbury at Monkey Week

Another festival that presents an ambitious special edition in streaming is the Monkey Week, which has already started its programming and will last until Sunday 22, in an edition adapted to current times, with a program one hundred percent online, broadcast from a set located in Room X, one of the most emblematic concert halls in the city.

Among the latest news announced by the festival, the Bunbury share: the musician, who will present his new album “Intensive Levitation Course” next December, will have a pleasant talk with the musician and producer Paco Loco. Own Paco Loco will interview other professional colleagues in other days of the festival as well as fellow producer John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr., Kurt Vile, Sonic Youth …) and Gary Louris, an American musician known mainly for his role as head of The Jayhawks.

Bunbury – ABC

Another of the news revealed in recent days has been the now classic festival concert at the Sevilla 1 Penitentiary Center, which for four years has been carried out in collaboration with the NGO Solidarios and which has had the presence of El Canijo de Jerez, Nolasco and Rocío Márquez in previous editions. This time it will be the cantaor Cristian de Moret, thanks to the collaboration of the Sevillian promoter Spyro Music, the protagonist of an initiative that seeks to bring music and culture closer to the private sectors of this type of activity.

Likewise, and with this same desire to bring music to all corners and to all people, in this Monkey Week SON Estrella Galicia online there will also be space dedicated to the little ones: «Perlita for Cool Kids», an exercise in graphic and sonic spontaneity for children based in Perlita Town, with five clips that vindicate the body of dance with songs from a session, recorded with Elektron Digitone, Casiotones and a wild bass by Moog.

Despite the last-minute withdrawal of Mourn due to health concerns of one of its members, Monkey Week SON Estrella Galicia will offer through Monkey Week TV (available on the festival’s YouTube and Twitch channels, as well as on its own web) a whopping 87 performances by 74 artists from 15 different countries. Emerging values such as Adiós Amores, Biela, Dani, Irenegarry, Isabel Do Diego, Lasole, Laura LaMontagne & Pico Amperio, rebe or RomeroMartín, among many others, and names already established in our scene such as Bronquio, Jacket of Tracksuit, Colectivo Da Silva, El Lobo at your door, Los Jaguares de la Bahía, Los Mejillones Tigre, Lost Twin, Space Surimi or Vera Fauna, will alternate with artists with an already recognized career behind him such as Joaquín Pascual, Lorena Álvarez, Los Hermanos Dalton, María Rodés, Raúl Cantizano + Los Voluble or Rosario La Tremendita, among others. In addition to a large international representation, both from Latin America (Valgur, María Daniela y Su Sonido Lasser, Los Yoryis …) and from countries throughout Europe (Michelle Blades, Laure Briard, Fusion Bomb and many more).

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