Alexia from Holland, the modern princess because she sings




With just 16 years of age, Alexia from Holland has been baptized by the press as the ‘rebel princess’. It is what has to be the median of three sisters They live in a palace in the Netherlands, but this unofficial title is understood by so many American movies and series in which heiresses elope and fall in love with commoners to attract attention in their teens. At the moment, Princess Alexia does not have a personal Instagram account although yes many unofficial fans with thousands of followers And who knows if there is a hidden profile from which to be in the wave. He plays hockey, likes to sing and plays the guitar, a hobby he has inherited

from his mother, who is far from being a rebel.

Alexia is a teenager who behaves like one, although until now she has managed to remain respectful of royal protocol and has not starred in any scandal. The only thing out of the ordinary for a princess is your desire to participate in ‘La Voz Kids’ from Holland, her creative attraction for TikTok and for sharing a video lip-syncing with two friends to the song ‘In the party’ by rapper Flo Milli. His father, King William, is a permissive man who does not forget what his family represents for the country. Precisely, it has been his Highness who has instilled in his daughters the importance of connecting with the new society, of knowing the life of citizens, of making mistakes and learning from mistakes. Both he and his wife, Máxima de Holland, have repeatedly expressed how stressful it is to raise three young girls in a palace. To the point that the King has made a pact with the security guards and prefers not to know what they do when they leave: the only order is that they always be safe.

They say that he was the one who encouraged his daughter Alexia to complete her two-year international baccalaureate at Atlantic College in Wales. As a good alumnus of the class of 85, he understands it as a good opportunity to discover and understand the world. “It was a total surprise for us that the Spanish heiress also goes to Atlantic College. Alexia and Leonor know each other, and they probably get along well, “said the King of Holland in an interview, while asking for both the essential privacy they need to be just another student. But like any father, excitement and nostalgia invaded him a few days ago when he took a photo of Alexia outside his residence, the Palace of Huis Ten Bosch, the same day he was leaving for Wales. The young woman appeared with a big smile –with which she avoided the rumors that claimed that her stage in boarding school had been taken as punishment–, with her hair up and wearing ripped jeans, a red plaid shirt, sneakers, nails painted black and wearing various jewels in addition to wearing his guitar. That image takes her far away from that of Princess Eleanor, with whom she will coincide in some subject or in the common areas. And although at first glance it may seem that they have nothing in common, the two are relieved and happy to have achieved a little more freedom.

They are at the age of discovering new things, of making new friends. Alexia has a used cell phone that belonged to her parents, but we don’t know if Leonor will carry hers. And do not think that, even if it is fashionable, it will have a lot of time for partying in the ‘hippie Hogwarts’, as some British tabloids have dubbed it for its resemblance to Harry Potter’s castle and its multiculturalism. There are also rules there: a tutor watches that the students do their homework and are home at ten at night on weekdays, an hour later on weekends. We will soon see the influence of the school on the princess, who in a few months can return turned into a Julie Andrews in the best style of ‘Smiles and tears’. Maybe by then I’ll change the rap to do, re, mi, fa, sol.

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