Alfonso Basterra, the other side of the coin




The intramural life of Rosario Porto’s husband has little to do with the roller coaster of emotions that his wife has lived through since she entered prison seven years ago. The popularity of the crime for which Alfonso Basterra was sentenced to 18 years in prison did not play in his favor in the first months behind bars, during which suffered attacks by other inmates that he himself related in the trial for the crime. One of these altercations had a Russian national inmate as the protagonist and forced the change of the Basterra module, which has never been transferred from the center.

However, over the years, Basterra has earned the respect of the rest of the inmates, with whom he has learned to live without problems or quarrels. About his day to day in prison, sources from the Coruña prison explain that has collaborated in workshops such as bakery and spends a lot of time reading. The journalist has never shown any depressing hint that could suggest an end like that of his ex-wife and his evolution in recent years has been linear.

With an uncertain horizon ahead, Basterra started from the same legal situation as Porto when requesting prison permits (as his first exit to the street) that have not arrived either. With a third of the penalty already servedThe seriousness of the crime for which he was sentenced plays against him, as well as the lack of a support person abroad. In addition, in the case of Basterra, repentance has never mediated either, which hinders this progression in his sentence.

Owner of a haughty, introverted and somewhat arrogant personalityAccording to his surroundings he came to describe it, the attitude with which Basterra faces life does not seem to have changed after his time in prison. The officials agree, in this sense, in pointing out that it is a question of temperamental man that he knows how to control his instincts and that he has learned to go unnoticed in an environment in which not appearing is the best of strategies. After being communicated this morning the news of the suicide of his ex-wife, with whom he spent more than two decades of his life, the prison has activated him, and by protocol, the anti-suicide plan.

The ever-changing and dependent relationship of this couple was broken after Asunta’s disappearance and the immediate arrest of both. Before the trial, some letters were exchanged, but Basterra and Porto arrived at the oral hearing distanced and with independent defense strategies. Once sentenced, the relationship was never reestablished.

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