Alfredo González and Cristian Sánchez, winners of the Snipe Code Zero Trophy




A total of 25 boats gathered in the first edition of the Snipe class Code Zero Trophy held in the waters of Puerto Calero. Historical sailors from the Canary Islands gathered together with many young talents from the most important clubs in the archipelago, who did not hesitate to attend an event that was born with the idea of ​​staying on the calendar and being an annual event.

The test was organized by the Code Zero Sports Club in collaboration with the Canarian Sailing Federation and with the sponsorship of Calero Marinas, Sunvillas Lanzarote, Hotel Secrets Lanzarote, Hotel Costa Calero, Cerveza Nao, Naviera Armas, Trasmediterránea and the Yaiza City Council.

The meteorology, from the beginning of the event, insisted on making everything more complicated. On the first day the winds were very variable in intensity, complicating the activity of the regatta committee, which had problems to make a stable anchor. Once achieved, it was time to start the tests, but the harsh conditions encountered by the sailors allowed two of the three planned tests to be carried out.

Alfredo González and Cristian Sánchez, from the Real Club Náutico de Arrecife, achieved the first position in the opening regatta, followed by Gustavo and Rafael del Castillo, from the Real Club Náutico de Gran Canaria. In the second regatta, the winners were Aureliano Negrín and David Martín, from the Real Club Náutico de Arrecife, followed by the Del Castillo brothers, who repeated their position with respect to the first regatta.

After spending several hours in the water, the Committee ended the first day, leading the classification the pair formed by Alfredo González and Cristian Sánchez with 4 points, tied with Gustavo and Rafael Del Castillo, being third Carlos Hernández and Rafael del Castillo ( son) with 7 points.

At the conclusion, the organization of the event held a meal with all the participants and worked to streamline the procedures to try to carry out the maximum number of regattas possible on Sunday.

The Sunday day had weather conditions very similar to those of Saturday, with many variations of intensity in the wind, especially before the rains that fell again in the southern bay, but with a constant direction, making the day a fun fight to do with roles and constant strategy changes on the part of the participants.

Alfredo González and Cristian Sánchez dominated the first regatta of the day, followed by Jorge Pérez and Airam Rodríguez, from the Real Club Náutico de Tenerife, and by Casto Martínez and José Luis Cabillas. The fourth regatta of the championship was also dominated by Alfredo González and Cristian Sánchez, who in the absence of one regatta proclaimed themselves mathematical champions of the event. He was followed in the regatta by Aureliano Negrín and David Martín and Gustavo and Rafael del Castillo.

The last regatta of the championship left the fight open for the final podium, with three boats fighting for two places. The Del Castillo brothers managed to win the race and consolidate the second place in the general classification, while Aureliano Negrín and David Martín made the second position of the hit and obtained the third position of the general, removing that possibility from Carlos Hernández and Rafael del Castillo ( son) who finished fourth of the trophy.

At the end of the regattas there was the delivery of trophies where there was an exchange of metopes from the Real Club Náutico de Tenerife and the Real Club Náutico de Gran Canaria to the organizing club, congratulating them for the work done and ensuring that next season they would like to return to participate in the test.

The winners of the general classification received their trophies from the authorities of the Yaiza City Council, with Ángel Domínguez present as the first deputy mayor of the consistory and head of the Tourism area, Jonatan Lemes as the second deputy mayor of Yaiza, Ángel Lago as head of the area of sports of the municipality and Águeda Cedrés as in charge of District 2 of Yaiza, where Puerto Calero is framed.

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