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Artificial intelligence is entering very different fields to facilitate our day-to-day life and the Spanish startup StockFink has decided to apply it in the bag. With the development of a series of algorithms they have achieved provide comprehensive information on the stock markets to investors so that they are the ones to make their own decisions.

Lucas Fernandez Brillet was studying Telecommunications Engineering in Bordeaux when he coincided with Juan Luis Fernandez, Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Oviedo. Already then they worked together on the application of AI in the Stock Market and the pandemic brought them together again. “It was a good time to push AI, and we decided to take those algorithms designed long ago and adapt them

to small investors. We create a methodology capable of predicting the future of different stocks in different markets», Explains Fernández, Scientific Director of StockFink. It is artificial intelligence that reports the most profitable shares and based on that information, people decide which shares to buy or sell. “We do not advise, we are not consultants”, clarifies the professor.

The company works with predictions in the three markets of the Ibex (Ibex35, IbexC and IbexS), the Nasdaq-100 and the Euro Stoxx-50 and prepares the jump to 14 international markets. “Our subscribers usually invest small amounts, between 3,000 and 10,000 euros.” It has very diverse subscriber profiles, young people and adults, who can be both away from the job market and running a company. «They are people who want to learn how to invest their savings in the Stock Market», Explains Fernández. They make it easier for people to learn what the Stock Market is, “we train them and give them a tool whose interpretation is very simple,” he adds.

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The system is based on daily predictions of the components of each market. After performing a ‘backtest’ on more than 15,000 predictions, in 80% of the cases there is the possibility of obtaining a return of around 1%. In 65% of cases, there is a possibility of achieving a profitability of around 2% and in 50% of the cases there is a possibility of reaching around 3%. «We do not control the behavior of the Stock Market, but we give the forecasts. We try that subscribers adopt a discipline in this matter, so that each one is the owner of their decisions. With different points of view uncertainty is reduced ”, clarifies the scientific director of the company.

Subscribers receive every day, via email, the predictions marked by the algorithms at the close of the market with a thermometer that marks entry and exit prices and a graph in which you can see the resale and repurchase prices (‘stop loss’). There are several plans to subscribe, such as the monthly (20 euros if the Ibex opportunities are received or 49 euros if they are those of all markets). If the subscription is annual, the value rises to 220 and 469 euros respectively.

StockFink has other lines of business. Have introductory courses and teaching of the StockFink method Thanks to which, in two hours, users learn basic knowledge of the Stock Market and analyze real examples of the application of predictions. In addition, they have the project ‘Investor School’, an initiative to introduce women to the world of ‘trading’. Its goal for 2022 is to launch into various Asian markets and complete the portfolio of the main American and European markets.

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