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The Generalitat Valenciana will keep in force all the restrictions decreed to face the spread of coronavirus until next December 9. As ABC advanced, the government presided over by the socialist Ximo Puig will extend the perimeter closure of the Valencian Community until after the Constitution and Immaculate Bridge.

The prohibition to leave and enter the region frustrates the expectations of the tourism sector, but the Executive has considered it necessary to prolong the closure since it fails to appease the growth of the curve of the coronavirus.

In fact, the incidence of Covid-19 It has tripled since last October and today it reaches 295 infected with coronavirus per 100,000 inhabitants, according to the latest data updated by the Ministry of Health.

In addition, the lethality caused by the Covid-19 maintains its growth and this Tuesday reached the highest record of the second wave of the pandemic with 42 new deaths reported this Tuesday.

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In this context, in addition to the prohibition of leaving and entering the Valencian Community, the Official Gazette of the Generalitat Valenciana (DOGV) will publish this Friday the decree that extends the perimeter confinement of the towns of Elda and Petrer (the municipalities most affected by the community transmission of the coronavirus). In this case, the validity of the measure will be two weeks.

For all other restrictions, such as perimeter closure throughout the Valencian Community, the night curfew, and the limitations to the hotel and trade, ceremonies, tobacco consumption on public roads or social gatherings, the horizon set by the Generalitat is next December 9. It will be then, a few weeks before Christmas, when the impact of the measures will be evaluated.

These are the restrictions to stop the spread of coronavirus In the Valencian community.

Confinement of municipalities

The perimeter confinement of the municipalities of Elda and Petrer It will be extended for two more weeks as of November 20. Thus, it will not be possible to leave or enter the two towns with the highest incidence of coronavirus until December 4.

Perimeter confinement of the region

The perimeter confinement of the Valencian Community will be extended until December 9. That way. The Generalitat shields the region from the possible arrival of tourists during the Constitution and Immaculate Conception bridge. The measure will be reviewed by the Supreme Court after the appeal presented by a Valencian lawyer.

[El Tribunal Supremo decidirá sobre el cierre perimetral por el coronavirus]

The ban includes a dozen exceptions that allow justified travel, such as assistance to health centers, the workplace and educational centers, return to the place of usual or family residence, and care for vulnerable people.


The curfew that prohibits going out on the street Between midnight and six in the morning throughout the Valencian Community it is in force until December 9 and there is the possibility that it will be extended so that mobility could be restricted from eleven at night. The modification should be included through a decree of the Generalitat.

Image of a night curfew control in Valencia
Image of a night curfew control in Valencia – MIKEL PONCE

Restrictions in hospitality, commerce and social gatherings

The restrictions that affect the capacity in the hotel and trade sector, as well as the limitations to a maximum of six people in social gatherings and the consumption of tobacco in the public thoroughfare will remain in force until December 9.

Weddings, funerals and wakes

The Generalitat will maintain until after the bridge of the Constitution and the Immaculate Conception the restrictions related to attendance at places of worship, for religious meetings, celebrations and gatherings, including weddings, communions and baptisms, where thirty percent of its capacity cannot be exceeded. The limitations to stop the spread of the coronavirus also affect funerals and wakes, conferences, attendance at non-professional sports and mass events

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