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Ticket sales started well early summer. There was desire and the situation seemed to calm down. But the fifth wave “has been noticed” in the weeks leading up to the festival, he explains, in statements to ABC, Juan Carlos de la Fuente, one of the organizers of the Sonorama Ribera, hours before he fires the starting gun in Aranda de Duero; the Burgos town that usually triples its population on the occasion of the event. This year it won’t. About 4,300 people are expected, while the capacity that they handled at the beginning was 5,000 attendees, so there are still tickets for the furthest behind. From the organization they are optimistic, although the concern that something “goes wrong” is still very present.

«The pressure for an outbreak exists, of courseIt is a logical and natural fear, but we must move towards normality. I think he is brave and responsible, we must try to go forward », observes de la Fuente to point out that yesterday the festival employed 300 people and today 400, whereas, in pre-pandemic circumstances, this type of event generated 2,500 jobs in Castilla y León, with an economic impact of more than 160 million euros.

«You have to bear in mind that a good part of the city’s economy in summer is fed by the Sonorama »He adds when asked about the criticism they have received when celebrating the event at a time when the health crisis still persists. And is that the festival not only impacts Aranda, It also does it in neighboring towns and businesses. This is the case of the Hotel Milagros Río Riaza, a business especially affected by the ravages of the pandemic. “We have a total of 35 rooms and we are quite full, although we still have some free”, transferred to this newspaper from a lodging that has passed a good part of the pandemic closed due to the lack of clientele. Sonorama, they say, is “a breath of fresh air.” Especially for Saturday, the day in which one of the great headliners, ‘Vetusta Morla’, performs. In addition, as is tradition, the guest “surprise” will be accommodated at the riverside hotel, who will play alongside the already awakened artists. Other years groups such as ‘Viva Sweden’ or the singer-songwriter Ángel Stanich have passed through his stays.

So this year the poster will be composed of artists like ‘Amaral’, ‘Sidonie’, ‘Arde Bogotá’, ‘León Benavente’, ‘La La Love You’, ‘Cala Vento’, ‘Delaporte’ or ‘Gins‘, among others. The situation, as is well known, is unusual and, therefore, the format of the festival is also very different compared to the massive previous editions.

Assembly of the Sonorama facilities.
Assembly of the Sonorama facilities. – EFE

A stage for everything

The 2021 edition will have a single stage where all the shows will take place: «We have divided the public into different sectors, of 1,000 people each. So there will be five concerts in one and thus we will avoid crowds “, describes de la Fuente when asked about the organization of the event. “Everyone is going to see the same concert from different angles,” he clarifies.. Something similar stated days ago the director of the festival, Javier Ajenjo, in statements to the Ical agency: «We face this edition with the utmost commitment and optimism. Therefore, a series of health protocols have been adapted, in order to avoid an increase in contagion by Covid ”, as the omask binding, the fact that all concerts are seated or that there are special restaurant areas. You will not be able to eat or drink during the performances. In addition, the bracelets that the attendees must wear will allow the organization to carry out a traceability of cases if contagions occur.

Regarding the duration, there will also be a slight variation compared to past editions: the Headliners will play around 70 and 80 minutes, while emerging groups will have between 45 and 55 idem. «We have always been a festival of light concerts. What has changed is the number of groups and the schedule to which we are subject “, adds de la Fuente to finish with that each and every day the festival will end at one thirty in the morning. A particular Cinderella.

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