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History has been analyzed from multiple perspectives, but never from that of video games. What is real and what is not in Call of Duty? And in the Civilization saga? «Gamer Sapiens», the new series that Canal Historia premieres tonight (10pm), analyzes key moments such as the golden age of the Pirates, World War II, the Middle Ages or Classic Cultures (ancient Egypt, Roman Empire, and classical Greece ). With a rigorous treatment of the facts and the participation of experts in the different periods discussed, “Gamer Sapiens” aims, over six hours, to discover which parts of History that appear in video games are faithful to reality and which correspond to artistic licenses.

Directed by Daniel Ventura, “it is the first television series that will cover the great moments of history through the world of videogames and in each chapter they will show milestones in human evolution since Prehistory”, says Sergio Ramos, not the footballer, but the vice president of programming for Canal Historia.

The project arose two years ago, but the process, due to the rigor they wanted to undertake when unraveling the ins and outs of the story, was laborious. But it was worth it, not in vain more and more followers of history are being discovered and the world of video games is one of the most thriving today. According to data from this year, a third of the population are “gamers”; in Spain, about 16 million people take command of a console to forget the real world and fly to a reality, perhaps, as tragic as the one we live in today.

“Our intention was for it to be as attractive to video game fans as it was to history fans,” acknowledges Ramos.

Six hours of history

Throughout six installments –two per week–, «Gamer Sapiens» will go through some of the main stages of the human being. As Daniel Ventura, executive producer of this series as well as director, comments, “we have done so with a rigorous treatment of the facts presented and for this we have had the participation of experts in the different periods discussed.” “Our objective is the dissemination and entertainment, to explain History, but living it,” he says.

There could be someone who is an expert in video games. «The player is the protagonist. Throughout the years, the world of video games has matured and gamers are asking for them to be more credible. “Gamer Sapiens” is educational, but it is also capable of awakening interest and even making them want to know more about certain facts », explains David Martínez, a teacher in this industry.

The golden age of the Pirates, the Second World War, the Middle Ages, ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire, classical Greece … the viewer is immersed in history thanks, among others, to video games as popular as “Call of Duty”, the “Civilization” saga, or the long-awaited “Cyberpunk 2077” and can thus corroborate which were the most interesting curiosities of each historical period, from the weapons used by each of the characters to which were the key events that have become part of our collective imagination.

On the weapons issue, few better than Colonel José Manuel Llorca. «Weapons have always been linked to the history of humanity and not only as an instrument of struggle; also as an element in daily life, since they were also used for their day to day such as hunting. “Throughout the ages we have gone from flint arrowheads to the most sophisticated nuclear weapons,” the expert abounds.

For the elaboration and creation «Gamer Sapiens» have had 34 experts in disciplines as varied as the creation of historical videogames, historians, classic airplane pilots, scientific researchers and disseminators, master gunsmiths, as well as active military. In addition, more than 40 video games have served to illustrate the different periods and themes dealt with in the Canal Historia series. “There is a great variety of content that we can develop. We would like to do a second season. It would always be an option; but to this day we do not know », assures the director of the series.

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