Álvaro Rico, from “Elite” to leader of a gang rape in the Spanish adaptation of the Turkish series “Fatmagül”




To the mother of Alvaro Rico (La Puebla de Montalbán, Toledo, 1996), Polo in the popular and youthful Netflix series “Elite”, He was not very funny – none – that his son was an actor. “The game went wrong,” the protagonist of the new Antena 3 series tells ABC by phone «Alba», adaptation of the Turkish “Fatmagül”. At the age of seventeen or eighteen (“I don’t remember well”) he arrived in Madrid to study at RESAD (Royal Superior School of Dramatic Art), which he did not finish, as he took his “repre” and made “Velvet collection” (2017 ). “When I wanted to realize that I was in Madrid studying Dramatic Art, they were already letting me go on a set.”

His parents, owners of a pastry shop in Torrijos (Toledo), they supported him, but his mother told him “You, go to the tests, they won’t catch you, and then you’re going to make your life.” His life, after three seasons on “Elite”, has been “El Cid” (Amazon), the sequel to “The Hunt” (TVE) and this “Alba” shot in recent months between Madrid and Villajoyosa (Alicante), «which smells a lot like chocolate». Since the summer of 2019 he has spliced ​​-coronavirus through- one series with another: “The summer has been chaos, but blessed chaos.” In December the play «Dribbling» begins with Nacho fresneda.

“Alba” will have little to do with «Fatmagül», which sparked a furor in Spain for Turkish fiction. The premise does not change, a gang rape of a young woman (Elena Rivera), and here Álvaro Rico plays “the leader of this pack.” «I did not want to draw him as an evil being who is perpetrating a crime; Unlike. The interesting thing is what we are doing wrong as a society so that, suddenly, apparently normal boys who have everything feel that they have the power to sleep with a girl even if she does not want to or even drug her, “he advances.

The young protagonists of «Alba», Spanish adaptation of the Turkish soap opera «Fatmagül»
The young protagonists of «Alba», Spanish adaptation of the Turkish soap opera «Fatmagül» – Atresmedia / Boomerang TV

The dynamics of these three kids – one, one crazy Goat; another, an influenceable – reminded him, saving the distance, to the HBO series “Entourage (The entourage)”. “It is not this type of boy who is imposed and likes to command,” he clarifies about his character, who belongs to a powerful family, owner of a construction company in Alicante. The fiction, produced by Boomerang («Inés del alma mía»), she will play with the fact that «it seems that these boys don’t know that they have raped her»; an ambiguity that will also be transferred to his own character, “although internally he knows what he is doing because he is not stupid.”

Addiction to drugs and the homosexuald will be some of the threads to pull. “Within how cruel that is, it also gives information about these macho macho men and how there is a crack in one of the characters, who is capable of doing that because he is in a group of friends”, develops Rico. Her character is an example of the boys who, “in a social moment of much vindication and advancement,” “can’t stand such a feminist stance.”

“I’m not talking about a Nazi, but someone normal, on the street, in Madrid or town …” This girl came with her miniskirt and asked me for war “: that’s what these characters are saying,” he clarifies. Even a spectator could feel questioned. Rico knows that it is a very sensitive topic: “Sometimes, when I start talking about it, and see that I have been through the series and the theater for months, there comes a point where I already question my own position”.

No good guy

“Many friends tell me,” They give you all the bastards, “recognizes Rico. In“The hunt. Tramuntana », shot between Madrid and Mallorca, will make a secondary role of «half a pimp, of the people, with a very rogue point, bravo». “It doesn’t burden me to pigeonhole myself; it’s silly and in three years of career I have so many [papeles] to do … And if not, blessed typecasting because they are the richest and most fun characters to do ». His brother, jokingly, tells him that he doesn’t know how to do anything other than interpret. “He’s right and I think it’s precious.”

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