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Following the successful launch of the fourth season of “The Crown”, many experts have accused the Netflix production of “damaging” the image of the Prince carlos (73 years) making him an Heir to the Throne «jealous, incompetent Y self-conscious».

According Katie Nicholl, British historian and veteran journalist for the BBC public broadcaster, “Prince Charles does not feel threatened by the renewed public interest in Princess Diana. However yeah he is frustrated because the past is now being dug up when he wants to move into the future“Nicholl said in a recent interview with the Australian online newspaper” 9Honey. ”

The historian affirms that the late Princess of Wales is back in the media spotlight thanks to the 25th anniversary of her interview in the BBC’s “Panorama” space, and to the episodes aired in the Netflix series that relate the separation of the first-born from Isabel II of Lady Di after a marriage that her own character in “The Crown” calls a nightmare.

The shadow of Princess Diana

One of the realities “The Crown” portrays is how the Prince of Wales felt “Overshadowed” by Diana for many years within his marriage, although, according to close sources, he has never felt threatened by the media spotlight even after the upheaval among British public opinion after the death of his ex-wife in the car accident in Paris in 1997.

Nicholl affirms that the heir has tried to rebuild his life away from the shadow of the late princess: “He has great frustration because experiences are being revealed, things that really happened and that probably many people did not know about Diana’s life. It’s a bad time for him, especially since he has tried to move on with Camila».

The Princes of Wales at a public event
The Princes of Wales at a public event – George de Keerle

A stained image

Beyond how unfortunate the Prince’s first marriage has been, Nicholl regrets the circumstances in which his second wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles (73 years old), Duchess of Cornwall, may find herself after facing the wave of insults received when television has recovered its romance with Carlos at the time the Prince was married to the late princess.

Bad feelings from the past are being relived. It is not only Carlos’s image that has undergone a 360 degree turn. Camila’s image has also changed and not exactly for the better, “says Nicholl. And it is that as the weeks have passed after the premiere of “The Crown”, both the Prince and the Duchess have attended official commitments of the British Royal Family and on more than one occasion hate comments have had to be deactivated on the couple’s official Twitter and Instagram profiles.

“We were three in the marriage”

According to the English newspaper «Daily Mail», Sally Bedell Smith, historian and author of the official biography entitled “Charles and Diana”, comments from followers of the Duchess of Cornwall have revealed to the British Royal House that many Britons have been influenced by the stories told in the series: “Many people has been carried away by the statement that Carlos and Camila had an affair throughout the marriage. But we do not know if it is entirely true, because on more than one occasion the alleged romance between the two was denied. But then we see Diana’s interview on the BBC and she says it very clearly, although very elegantly: “There were three of us in the marriage.” Without going into details, the truth is that Carlos continued to have a relationship with Camilla. Now if it was in a “cordial” or “friendly” way, well nobody knows. “

However, the couple claimed that their romantic relationship, interrupted after Charles and Diana’s betrothal, resumed in 1986 just a year before the Prince revealed in the BBC documentary “A Vision of Britain” that his marriage to Diana had “irretrievably broken”.

Ingrid Seward, editor of the British magazine “Majesty”, has also commented that “the idea of” The Crown “that Carlos married cynically with a view to continuing with Camila and leaving Diana aside, is a harmful image. It’s just a bad image and not everything is true.

And, indeed, “not everything is true.” Nicholl claims that all the illustrated facts in the Netflix series boil down to one thing: drama. “This is pure drama and entertainment for commercial purposes that were made without regard to the people involved. Characters that today are being exploited in the media spotlight, “he concluded.

Prince Charles with Camila in 1975
Prince Charles with Camila in 1975 – Rex

Carlos: the “coward” who yells at his wife

Hugo Vickers, historian and author of numerous renowned biographies of Queen Elizabeth II and the Queen Mother, has on more than one occasion commented to British tabloids that “The Crown” has impeccable aesthetics and a peculiar way of telling the things it does. that certain distorted events appear real to the viewer: «This season has made an impact because this is all recent history and it is a bit cruel to real characters. They always liked portray Carlos as a coward. And in these episodes we also see him as an angry, selfish, unpleasant person, a husband yelling at his wife. I think they have been very cruel in creating these characters.

“Prince Charles is a committed person, he has done everything that has been asked of him throughout his life. He was parachuted into the sea as Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Parachute Regiment, he was in the Army. He has traveled and really knows what the Commonwealth is. He created the “Prince’s Trust”. This man has done many things for our country! And none of that is seen in the series! “, Vickers comments in an interview with” Vanity Fair “magazine.

Camila: future “queen” of consort?

Smith emphasizes that the Prince is not a “saint”, but he is human: “Carlos is not a saint. Yes, it is true that he has always been with Camila. But from the beginning he has been the victim of his duty as heir. After all, he is a person like any other and it has not been easy for him. Both he and Camila have come a long way. They’ve worked hard over everything so that people do not look at Camila as the “lover”, and she has gone from being a despised woman to someone admirable for her charitable work. I’d say she’s almost respected for assuming her role in royalty. But with what we’ve seen on the show, I can say that people have come to resurrect the hostility that was in the Royal House two decades ago. “The Crown” strengthens the idea that Diana was the holy victim“, The historian has also commented to the magazine, emphasizing that the fourth season of the series could be the trigger in public opinion that distances Camila from the hope of one day becoming a” queen “of consort.

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