“An inner demon told me to do it.”



A 15-year-old girl, Chiara Gualzetti, was found dead in Monteveglio, in the province of Bologna, Italy, last Monday. The body has stab wounds and a friend of the minor was arrested after confessing to the crime.

Chiara had not heard from her since Sunday, when she left her house for a walk with a friend. It was his father who sounded the alarm. The search was quickly organized by the authorities and volunteers in the area responding to a request from the teenager’s family. They were the ones who found the body, about 200 meters from the house where he lived with his parents.

“Seventeen years ago I left Naples with my wife so that my daughter was born here, I wanted her to grow up in a safe place for her future and now I have nothing left: she has no future and I have no future without her,” said Vincenzo Gualzetti, Chiara’s father. He also spoke of the detainee, without naming him, a teenager who in his confession spoke about voices and demons: “I know him, he worked with me: he has never had demons. I do not want my daughter to have died for nothing and have no justice.

Later, Vincenzo and Giusi, the victim’s mother, posted a message on Facebook: «A few words to express our gratitude to the Police, Civil Protection and all those who participated both materially and morally. Thanks”. «Chiara said ‘ten minutes and I’ll be back’. She went with the murderer and this shows the trust that she placed in people, “the minor’s uncle also said.

As the investigation continues, a kitchen knife, blood-stained clothing and even the victim’s phone were found at the suspect’s home. The version of the confessed killer is not considered linear. He would have spoken of an uncontrollable urge to kill, a kind of inner voice, but in another passage he would also have said that the victim had expressed the intention to end everything. In addition, he would have left his house with the knife, which would imply premeditation.

“Investigations are still ongoing to find the real motive,” Captain Riccardo Angeletti said. To clarify the relationship that existed between the victim and the suspect, the chats exchanged between the two and also with other friends are being examined by the investigators, despite the fact that they had been deleted.

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