An opposition candidate arrested in Nicaragua accused of “carrying out acts that foment hatred and violence”


The Nicaraguan authorities have arrested the candidate of the Citizens Alliance for Freedom (CxL) for the Vice Presidency, Berenice Quezada, accusing her of carrying out “acts that promote hatred and violence.”

The Nicaraguan Prosecutor’s Office has confirmed the accusation against the candidate, known for having been Miss Nicaragua 2017, to whom house arrest has been issued in a preliminary hearing held on Tuesday.

Specifically, the Prosecutor’s Office has pointed out that Quezada is accused of “carrying out acts that promote and incite hatred and violence, actions that fall within the criminal offense of provocation, proposition and conspiracy to commit terrorist acts”, as well as has advanced that he has requested that the process be taken “at liberty”.

Quezada, Miss Nicaragua 2017, and her formation have announced that since Tuesday night she was under house arrest and that she had been informed that she was “inhibited as a candidate,” according to the local media ‘La Prensa’.

The training has pointed out, specifically, that Quezada was “without access to telephone communication, with immigration restrictions and inhibited from running for public office of popular election.”

The accusation against Quezada comes after a group related to the Government of Daniel Ortega, calling itself ‘Victims of the 2018 protests’, have singled out the CxL candidate for statements she made regarding the mobilizations, for which they would have felt “offended”, picks up ‘El Confidencial’.

The group asked the Supreme Electoral Council to disqualify the candidate for these statements, in which it referred to the lack of conditions for the elections. “Those conditions are set by the people by going out to vote, taking to the streets, as we did in 2018, as we did in April,” he added.

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) has condemned, through its social networks, the house arrest of Quezada and his inhibition from standing for public office, a fact that, as the organization has detailed, occurred one day after he formalize your candidacy.

“We urge the State of Nicaragua to immediately release the arbitrarily detained persons and reestablish the guarantees for the full enjoyment of the civil and political rights of Nicaraguans,” the IACHR has demanded.

Quezada, who was a candidate together with the former commander of the Nicaraguan Resistance Óscar Sobalvarro -aspiring to the Presidency- joins a list of 32 independent politicians and journalists detained in the latest repressive wave of Ortega, including the presidential candidates Cristiana Chamorro, Arturo Cruz, Félix Maradiaga, Juan Sebastián Chamorro, Miguel Mora and Medardo Mairena.

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