Ana Peleteiro, a stratospheric bronze




Ana Peleteiro has made tonight the contest of his life. Full of claw, concentration, quality, the Galician knew she had to give her best to reach the podium and she did it with a best jump of 14.87 and after beating the Spanish record twice. Three centimeters have been left over to leave Jamaica’s Ricketts, her great rival, behind. In front, Yulimar Rojas. Unique, unmatched, she waited for the last jump to achieve her dream, achieving the world record held by Inesa Kravets with 15.50. Since tonight in Tokyo, the triple jump record is at 15.67 because Rojas has chained very long but null jumps until the last one has been valid.

Ana Peleteiro had warned in qualifying that she was arriving in Tokyo at a great moment. She left with a jump of 6.62 and the feeling that she was fully convinced that her mission was to achieve a medal for Spain, to give joy to a talented but young team, who needed a leader after the departure of the champion Ruth. Beitia. And that’s where Peleteiro’s warrior spirit has emerged, who has assumed that role from the first moment and who has gone out into the hall of jumps, as she said, with the knife between his teeth. The first round has served to clarify things a lot. More than a contact, the participants have gone to mark territory in the final. Well, Yulimar Rojas directly to sentence her with a spectacular jump of 15.41, nine centimeters from the world record of Inesa Kravets. In the fight for silver, Patricia Mamona He has also priced very high on his first attempt with a very serious 14.91. Peleteiro had a very good entry into the contest, and with 14.55 he closed that first round in fourth place, making it clear that he had arrived in Tokyo ready for anything. And in case it was not clear, in his second attempt he has broken the Spanish record with 14.77, his best mark ever, higher even than those 14.73 on the indoor track. The Galician was consolidated in this way in third place, earning the right to dream of bronze. Because Mamona has further strengthened her second place by exceeding 15 meters (15.01), a mark to win the gold if the intractable Yulimar Rojas were not ahead.

The problem has come in the fourth round, when Ricketts She has jumped 14.84, seven centimeters more than the Spanish, pressured by having to beat herself again, yes or yes, to be at least bronze. But in Peleteiro’s dna he says never give up, and on the fifth attempt he made a huge leap that took him to 14.87. Three centimeters more than the Jamaican and again a Spanish record. There was a round of heart attack where Peleteiro has defended that third place. Ricketts has stayed away. The bronze medal for the Galician, the leader of Spanish athletics, was on her neck. Then the return to the stadium has arrived, absolute happiness.

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