Announce a second date at the Hippodrome after selling out in 10 minutes



The first edition of Push Play festival just announced that it will end in style with a new date for the group’s concert Stool, due to the very fast ‘sold out’ obtained for his performance on September 30, whose tickets were sold out in less than ten minutes. Thus, a second date is confirmed on September 29, with tickets already on sale.

After more than three months of summer tour under the name ‘Furyo Infinita’, in honor of the title that his last album received ‘The Infinite Joke’, Stool returns to Madrid and does so in a concert to say goodbye to a summer of music that has taken them to more than 40 stages throughout the peninsula. Such are the desire of the Madrid public to see Stool again, which has swept nearly 3,000 tickets in the blink of an eye. And is that despite the fact that some thought that Stool was a fashion, they continue to show, in a joke that does not end, that they are the most successful Spanish band in recent memory.

This summer of concerts has been for them “a return to reality. Not in the way that we are all hoping, but we have been able to make music, enjoy concerts and have seen so many people enjoying themselves and singing with us is priceless “, as described by its leader, singer Willy Bárcenas.

In addition, two young promises of music, Iñigo Merino and Pravlenha, will act as opening act to give way to the most anticipated concert among the public in Madrid.

This is how the Push Play festival will end, which during the months of July, August and September has brought leading artists such as India Martínez, La Oreja de Van Gogh, José Mercé, Ana Mena, Miriam to the incomparable stage of the Hipódromo de la Zarzuela Rodríguez, José Mercé, Modestia Apart, DJ Nano, OBK, Revolver, La Mari de Chambao, Bonnie Tyler, Demarco Flamenco, Seguridad Social, Pignoise, Jaula de Grillos or Arde Bogotá, the latter being in charge of putting the music to the penultimate evening, on Saturday September 18, with the presentation of his debut album, ‘La Noche’ (Sony Music Spain, 2021), with Biuti Bambú as guest artist. All these concerts have been carried out in an exceptional environment, with the best gastronomic offers, with spectacular views of the Madrid sky, in addition to having a security protocol that has allowed the entire festival to be enjoyed.

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