Another fire at Barça: Pjanic gets fed up




There is no quiet afternoon at the Camp Nou. Added to the numerous sporting, social, institutional and economic problems that the entity is going through are the discontent of some of its players, who do not hesitate to regret their situation. Did Griezmann when he expressed his discomfort at playing in a position where he couldn’t shine, he also Coutinho for the same reason. And now it’s been Miralem Pjanic the one that has exploded due to the lack of prominence it is having after being the most expensive signing of this season (60 million plus another five in variables). Pjanic wants to play more and doesn’t understand why he was called.

“Honestly, I don’t understand why I’m in this situation either. It is clear that I want to play a lot more. I know I can contribute a lot, and when the coach has made me play I have always done well, I played good games. More than this I don’t know what I can dor. I train, I’m ready, “said Pjanic in an interview published by the Italian newspaper” La Gazzetta dello Sport “, on the eve of the meeting against Juventus, his former team, in the Champions League. «I am not satisfied And I can’t be, in my career I’ve never accepted the idea of ​​not playing and now I don’t either. We’ll see, I’m ready, I train well and I wait, I have no choice. It is a very delicate situation that does not suit me, “added the Bosnian international. A new fire for Koeman, which will have to put out the flames before they engulf the little tranquility that remains in the culé dressing room. «His position and his role cannot be compared to Juve. We play different than them. It has cost, it has also cost because it has arrived late. I have no doubt about Pjanic. Decisions are always the best for the team, ”Koeman said after morning training.

Pjanic, who signed for Barcelona last summer in an operation that saw Brazilian Arthur Melo join Juventus, has played eleven of the fifteen games of Koeman’s team this year, five of them as a substitute. «Juventus stayed in my heart, I follow it every time I have the opportunity. The draw made me happy, it is a shame not to have been able to play in front of the spectators in Turin, but there will be other opportunities. I wish Juventus the best, but this Tuesday we want to win, “he explained. «My nine years in Italy have been very good and I honestly miss her. In Roma and Juventus I was very good, I lived through important seasons. Now I have a new challenge in the biggest club in the world and I have to fight. It is a novelty that I wanted to face », he continued.

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