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The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor considers that it is not appropriate to cite the former Vice President of the Government Pablo Iglesias as investigated in the so-called Dina case that is instructed in the National Court and is committed to first practicing the Proceedings that are still pending: like the exhaustive analysis of the card and the statement of former advisor Dina Bousselham.

The prosecutors finalize a letter that will be presented tomorrow, Friday, before the Central Court of Instruction number 6 and that responds in these terms to the request to impute Pablo Iglesias that he raised the popular accusation exercised in this separate piece of the Villarejo case by the Prolege jurists association. The instructor asked them for a report on the electoral campaign and the answer has not been produced until now.

In their response, according to the sources consulted by ABC, the prosecutors will oppose the summons to the extent that they understand that it is untimely, since there are still procedures to be carried out, in line with the guideline set by the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court when He refused to impute Iglesias, as requested by the judge, and urged him to shore up the evidence at his disposal.

Specifically, the judge raised a reasoned statement to the Supreme Court in October of last year due to indications of a crime of revealing secrets, another of computer damage and one more false complaint in the role that Iglesias had played in the whole affair about the mobile card that was stolen from Bousselham and that passed through his hands.

However, the Criminal Chamber replied that in the case of the disclosure of secrets, it was necessary to listen to her testimony and clarify whether or not she wanted to take legal measures against Iglesias, since it is a crime that is pursued by part. Regarding computer damage, an exhaustive expert examination of the card that was the subject of the matter was requested to try to clarify whether or not the dysfunctions were deliberate.

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, already at that time, was opposed to investigating Pablo Iglesias without first calling Bousselham, a diligence that it considered key because it depends on whether there is a crime to be prosecuted or whether it decays. He also wanted to hear from the experts who, on that date, had carried out a first examination of the card with inconclusive results.

At present, the judge is waiting for the result of the second analysis requested by the Supreme Court, as he gave the police unit permission to carry out an invasive examination that will lead to the destruction of the device. As ABC reported yesterday, that report would still have several weeks to go to court and the next step will depend on it, without ruling out Pablo Iglesias’ summons at all.
With his resignation he has lost his aptitude
and could, thus, be called as investigated.

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