Antonio Burgos: Animal Extermination



It is not necessary to be very bad thought to deduce that, basically, the Law of Protection and Rights of the Animals that is beginning to be processed in the Courts has no other purpose than to end the Fiesta de los toros. With the usual argument of animal abuse wielded by anti-bullfighting and the enemies of the Fiesta; and I mean those that are outside, not inside, which has them. And for the reason that nobody says and everyone knows: because the bulls are a symbol of the historical and constitutional Spain that they want to destroy. It is already a sign that Bullfighting receives the same name as the date that we celebrated yesterday with the

return of the parade of the Armed Forces to the Castellana: the National Holiday.

I do not know if that projected law, so far-fetched, will go ahead or remain in the dream of the just of a presentation or a commission, but apart from being ridiculous and unnecessary, it is very far from reality. All the legal force goes against the owners of pets, as if whoever adopts a cat or a dog does not know the obligations that he undertakes with their care. Especially the dogs. Whoever adopts a dog knows that he forces himself to take him for a walk every day so that he can do his business. Cats are different. Cats, independent, rebellious, like a monument to Freedom that they are, can fend for themselves if you have to be absent and leave them at home for a few days alone. As long as you leave them enough food and water, they themselves go to their litter box to make their defecations and urination and they take care of covering them later. By pure instinct, because they believe that they are still in a hostile territory where a predatory animal can find them by the trace of their excrement and they make sure with their insistent covering with sand that no one will discover them.

In the proposed law there is a wonderful precept that I hope is carried out: they want to prohibit the sale of animals in pet stores and veterinary supplies. It seems splendid to me, as long as the municipal kennels are full of abandoned animals, which have now been called “zoosanitaries”. Why spend the money to buy a dog or a cat in a veterinary store, if in the zoosanitaries or in the shelters there are hundreds of endearing abandoned animals, with sad eyes, that you look at them and make you want to take them all to your home to free them from that sentence to which the comfort of humans led them? Better than buying a very expensive purebred dog to show off is picking up an abandoned pooch from an animal shelter, whose death awaits if it is not adopted soon. Because of this I imagine that the law does not speak, but many municipal zoosanitaries are like an Auschwitz or an animal Dachau, extermination camps, where the gas chamber waits for abandoned dogs and cats if they do not adopt them. Just as it sounds. There, that’s where the law should insist, to end the authentic animal abuse that dogs and cats, especially cats, receive in municipal zoosanitaries.

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