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They begin by denying the word and then burying, preferably in mud, the fact and its root. Discovery is denied, as is denied Spain (steppes), Spanish Language, Reconquest or Around the World. It is the ray that does not stop of those who want, with more and more anger, to deny our, historical and present, to exist and to be. Yours and your grandparents, by the way, too. A common past that they deny, on which they spit and on which as implacable and flamboyant judges they launch themselves to condemn, millennia or centuries later, with absolute and daring ignorance but with the already written sentence that our crime is universal and our punishment, that of being forever guilty of worldwide ignominy.

that of pretending to judge the past, not only with the scales and values ​​of the present but with extreme and sectarian dogmas, the great and memorable stupidity of our modern times. That of becoming the New Inquisition of all the future of humanity and that of Spain in particular. The one that has taken over what they consider “progressivism” and which turns out to be truly a liberticidal, totalitarian, oppressive, censorship, discriminatory “progrecracy” and indefatigable sowing of hatred and confrontation.

It is time today to talk about the Discovery of America, what a discovery it was, since there was no more relevant, transcendent and adjusted to that expression than that which occurred on October 12, 1492. It is true that neither Columbus, nor any of the Spaniards who with him they went, they knew that those lands existed. Actually they were looking for others but they came across them and at the end, although it cost something, they understood that they had reached another place.

The Spaniards, since it was already such a Nation and in the name of the crowns of Castile, Isabel, and Aragon, Fernando claimed “possession” of what was discovered, they tried to reach the Moluco, the spice shop from the west and had not the slightest idea that such a continent existed in the middle. As it was not had anywhere in the world then connected: Europe, Asia and Africa. For their part, the inhabitants of that place equally and neither did they have the remotest impression that there were such lands and such people on the other side of its two oceans and not even of which such seas were two. In other words, it was a double discovery. Neither we knew that they and those lands existed nor they that ours nor we existed.

Can it therefore be called the Discovery in another way? Well no. But before doing so, there are those who prefer to swallow their own language and even the language with which they express themselves, Spanish. Spanish in Spain, if you like, but Spanish in the world. Because it was the language that was carried, the one that expanded, the one that went around the world for the first time and became the first frank of the entire globe.

Discovery, exploration and conquest. Are things by their name. Well, conquest, like the Muslim of Hispania, eight centuries ago, it was already that was one and the other, without a doubt or blush. To extend the dominions of their king, to expand the faith they professed, and to achieve personal glory and fortune. Of course it was conquest and it was also those passions, gold and ambition, who pushed them to some unprecedented and even superhuman epics where they are also undeniable, not even contemplated with the behavior patterns typical of that time, facts of enormous cruelty. . Scoundrels and crimes there were. That they were, let us remember, before anyone else denounced, tried and, on more than a few occasions, condemned by not a few of those who went with them, the justice and the laws of the Crown. But to condemn this particular Conquest for the very fact that it is and to consider it an unparalleled universal atrocity is simply typical of neuronal depletions or abductees and ignorant sectarians.

What has homo sapiens done since he began to walk, at least until today and without excessive traces of change? At first, the then newcomer from Africa displaced and exterminated the other fully human species, the Neanderthal and, what things, precisely the last ones here, on our peninsula. And what have different peoples, that we know of, done for 10,000 years? What have Sumerians, Akkadians, Egyptians, Ionians, Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, Saxons, Normans, Goths, Mongols, Arabs, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, French, English, and North Americans done? Do we decree the condemnation of eternal fire and the destruction of the memory of the Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Arab, Hispanic, French, English or North American empires and civilizations? Did we decapitate Tutankhamun’s mummy? Have we become morons?

The answer when seeing what is proclaimed by the universities of the United States, it is raised in Latin America as a great flag, it is bought in Europe and it is assumed as its own in the self-considered “unique and good” Spanish intelligentsia, is that yes. That we have become an asshole, come on. Said in roman paladino of the best sound.

It is not even precise, for a normal understanding, to add that the Spanish Empire was not at all, but rather on the contrary, the prototype of the exterminating genocide, as others and more recent ones have been. Verify the massive and majority miscegenation south of the Rio Grande and the almost absolute absence of a living indigenous to the north of that river. Read the Laws of the Indies and the prohibition, after Columbus’s own repudiation of Queen Isabel (1504), of enslaving the Indians or the invitation to marriages with natives and their regularization and full rights of spouses and heirs ( 1514). And compare with when these were legally allowed and finally in the United States (1967).

About it and about so much more there is much to say and explain. But at least make this clear. That it was Discovery and it was – changing the world, expanding it, globalizing it – Spanish and in Spanish.


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