Aragon and La Rioja, the regions with the ICUs most saturated by Covid




Aragon and La Rioja are the regions with the most saturated intensive care units (ICU) by Covid patients that are entered. They are, by far, the autonomies in which more very serious or critical cases are admitted to their hospitals, the result of the soaring rate of infections that they have dragged for weeks.

The high and prolonged spread of the Covid that Aragon is dragging has its reflection in the hospital saturation, which continues to be a concern in intensive care units. They have been at the limit for weeks.

According to the latest data published by the Ministry of Health, based on the statistics provided by the regional authorities, Aragon I had 94 Covid patients in the ICUs of the region yesterday. That means the 41% of all its intensive care beds are occupied by coronavirus patients in very serious or critical condition. Alone The Rioja exceeds that rate, with 27 Covid patients admitted to ICUs, which represents an occupation of the 45%. It is practically twice that in the rest of Spain, where this average occupation is 24%.

The saturation of the ICUs that is registered in Aragon and La Rioja, with occupancy rates by Covid of more than 40%, contrast with the data provided by the other autonomies. In Madrid, for example, their ICUs have a Covid occupancy rate of 26%; of 24% in Navarra, 10% in Canary Islands or 16% in Baleares.

In Andalusia, 23% of its ICU beds are occupied by coronavirus patients; 39% in Asturias, 26% in Cantabria, 27% in Castilla la Mancha, 37% in Castile and Leon and 32% in Catalonia. In the Valencian Community it amounts to 29%, 28% in the Basque Country, in Estremadura is 18% and in Galicia only 7%.

In Spain as a whole, there are currently 2,440 coronavirus patients admitted to Intensive Care Units.

The three regions with the most infections

Nowadays, La Rioja, the Basque Country and Aragon continue to be the autonomous communities with the most coronavirus infections. In the last week, the national average is around 100 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants. However, in Aragon the rate is 153 cases per 100,000, very similar to that of the Basque Country and La Rioja, both with 158 infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the accumulated rate during the last seven days.

In the case of Aragon, this serious wave has occurred after five months leading to severe outbreaks. In fact, it has stood out at the national level for being the autonomy with the most waves, the largest and the earliest in experiencing outbreaks. In November, it registered its record of deaths from Covid since the pandemic began, nine months ago: Aragon has registered 665 deaths from coronavirus in just 30 days.

The rebound of the Covid began in Aragon at the end of June, as soon as the state of alarm was lifted in Spain; in July it became the worst regional focus of coronavirus in all of Europe; in October it suffered a third wave that has put it back in the leading group of the regions with the most spread of Covid; and the Aragonese Government has already announced a fourth wave of infections for January, an outbreak that they take for granted, despite what has actively supported the criteria of the Ministry of Health to relax the restrictions during the Christmas season.

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