Aragonès leaves Junts out of the “dialogue table” with the Government that will be held tomorrow in Barcelona




The President of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Pere Aragonés, has said enough and, after rejecting the proposal of Junts with the names of the representatives of this party for the so-called “dialogue table”, has decided to leave the delegates of Carles Puigdemont’s party out of tomorrow’s meeting in Barcelona, because of the four proposed only one is part of the Govern Catalan.

«The (Catalan) delegation has to be from the Government. The parties (at the “dialogue table”) that have many spaces for participation do not sit down. It is not a question of names or specific people. It is a question of trust. A government-to-government negotiation and between members of the government and agreed within the government, “said Aragonès, in an” exceptional “appearance before the press from the Gothic gallery of the Palace of the Generalitat after the meeting of the Catalan Government.

Early in the morning, Junts announced the names that he presented to the Government for this Wednesday’s meeting: Jordi Puigneró, Jordi Sànchez, Jordi Turull and Míriam Nogueras. Of these, only Puigneró is a member of the Catalan Executive, its vice president. The other three are of the maximum confidence of Puigdemont but they are not part of the Government. Sànchez and Turull, are senior officials of Junts and were convicted by the Supreme Court for their participation in the ‘procés’ and later pardoned by the Government. Nogueras is a deputy in Congress.

The announcement of the four names of Junts has been made public, through the media, before the Government met in the morning, a decision that neither Aragonès nor ERC liked. In fact, the ‘president’ has indicated that these practices have to be “corrected” and sources from the Presidency have indicated to ABC that Aragonès has said “enough”. The anger with Junts in the party that Oriol Junqueras continues to lead and among the members of ERC that make up the Government is total and supposes the first great crisis of government of the Aragonese stage.

However, the regional president has not closed the door to members of the Government who are from Junts ending up joining the “dialogue table” when they deem it appropriate. “The door is open, the table door is open, it is not a question of names. I will accept the names proposed by Junts «, Aragonès has said several times in response to questions from journalists. Pending the next movement of the Junts, the delegation of the Generalitat will be made up of only three representatives: the ‘president’ and the councilors Laura Vilagrà and Roger Torrent.

These will meet with the representatives of the Government, led by their president, Pedro Sanchez, and which includes the second vice president, Yolanda Diaz, and the ministers Félix Bolaños (Presidency), Miquel Iceta (Culture), Isabel Rodríguez (spokesperson), Manuel Castells (Universities) and Raquel Sánchez (Transport). Before the meeting, the two presidents will meet alone and then join the meeting with the rest of the representatives of the two delegations.

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