Are Christmas Lottery entries legal?



The same thing happens every year. People throw ourselves into the hands of luck for the Christmas Lottery. And in this game there is everything. There are those who do it alone imploring the goddess Fortuna with a tenth (or more), and also those who prefer to diversify opportunities (and reduce costs) with participations. The 20 euros that a Christmas ticket costs are for many people too much. Especially when, in addition, many play not only with a number of the Extraordinary Draw, but with several tenths between friends, family, co-workers, etc.

The «low cost» consequence of this social dynamic around the Christmas raffle were the participations of the Christmas Lottery. A purchase option outside the lottery administrations that has been widely spread in society.

However, the fact that they are “duplicates” of a tenth of the Christmas Lottery made by individuals causes many to distrust or, at least, a certain insecurity arises when it comes to taking part.

Are Christmas entries legal?

Christmas Lottery entries are completely legal. All that is needed is a private contract between a sender and a receiver. In said participation or ballot must include the number of the tenth, the cost of said participation and the amount of the prize for the one that is being played and that will be distributed among all those who have acquired a participation in the Lottery.

Moreover, also must record that, depending on the amount of the prize, if this is more than 20,000 euros, the Treasury keeps 20%.

If you come across a ballot that lacks information or makes you suspicious, it is better not to gamble and look for other options.

How to collect the prize of a Christmas Lottery participation

Another of the big doubts of those who play the Christmas Lottery with participations is in relation to the collection of the prize. As it is not purchased directly from a State Lottery and Betting Administration, it is normal that one is not clear about where or who to go to in case of winning any of the prizes.

The Christmas Lottery participations cannot be cashed in lottery administrations or banking entities. Anyone who has a winning participation must go to the person, group or issuer where they bought it.

Regarding the Tax on the Treasury, in the case of shares it happens the same as if a tenth were bought. The 20% tax is levied on the total prize, not on the amount that corresponds to each participation.

If you have not yet tempted your luck and have a fetish number, you can search for your Christmas Lottery ticket with the ABC locator.

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