Armengol blocks the Anti-Corruption investigation on all those vaccinated irregularly



The Balearic Government maintains its block to the investigation of people vaccinated allegedly irregularly. When the first cases came to light, the Director of Health Assistance, Eugenia Carandell, assured that they would only give the names of the immunized“If a judge comes to demand it”. And now, after the PP’s complaint before the Office for the Fight against Corruption, the Executive of the socialist Francina Armengol has again denied the data because, he assures in his appeal, it was not very specific and affected the “sensitive data” of 130,000 people. However, the Office keeps the investigation open and has again submitted a request for the Government to deliver at least the data of high-ranking political officials vaccinated.

The Minister of Health, Patricia gomez, has indicated that the Office headed by Jaume Far has assumed that his request was “disproportionate” and that, according to the appeal of the Community Advocate, it affected “sensitive data” and could be a violation of the European directive on data protection. It should be remembered, however, that the regulations of the Anti-Corruption Office oblige to protect all the data that it handles following current legislation and that article 11 of said body guarantees “The confidentiality of investigations” as they are subject to the duty of secrecy.

The department for the fight against Corruption has reacted quickly and has once again demanded a list of the vaccinated charges on Monday, although it has acknowledged in statements to Diario de Mallorca that specifying the request as required by the Government “will prevent us from investigating properly deeper who has skipped the vaccination protocol, especially people who do not have public office. The Government has indicated that it will study the new request and that it will try to respond with “Sense of proportionality and respecting the privacy of people”.

According to the conselleria, the new request limits the request for information to a list of senior public officials of the Government, the Insular Councils, town councils and also members of the Parliament. In addition, request a copy of the vaccination protocols in the Islands. The previous Anticorruption petition requested the personal data of all those vaccinated from December 26 to the beginning of March, as well as which people should initially be vaccinated and who finally did, where the vaccination was carried out, the vials used and their codes , etc.

“The regulations of the Office provide for the possibility of investigating specific cases, not conducting general prospective investigations that affect such sensitive data of such a large group of the population,” they stated in a press release. In this sense, the Government recalls that it has made a query to the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, still without a response.

MÉS per Mallorca, Armengol’s government partner, has announced that its formation will insist that the Government’s Ethics Commission rule on the vaccination of high-ranking officials, after having submitted two letters to the Commission without reply. «If there is silence for an answer again, MÉS per Mallorca will already announce what measures it will take, but the silence that no one thinks is because MÉS forgets about this issue, “he said.

“The greatest transparency is necessary”

From the opposition, the president of the PP of the Balearic Islands, Biel Company, has criticized the Government’s refusal to provide information to the Anti-Corruption Office on vaccination and has pointed out that “this is one more chapter that demonstrates the lack of transparency of the Armengol Government . What is the president hiding by refusing to report on the vaccinated senior officials? ».

“It is necessary that, on this matter, there is maximum transparency and the names and surnames of the political positions that have been vaccinated when it was not their turn be known, benefiting from their position,” said Company, who believes that “Failure to deliver this documentation shows that the Government is trying to hide something.”

For its part, the regional coordinator of Ciudadanos (Cs) Baleares and spokesperson for the parliamentary group, Patricia Guasp, recalled the “imperative need” to create an investigation commission on the investigation protocol since “we are concerned that the IB-Salut refuses to provide the information requested by Anti-Corruption with the aim of delaying accountability and not achieving the maximum transparency ”.

Guasp has reproached that United We Can and Més per Mallorca “after championing the exemplarity before the microphones of the media” vetoed the creation of an investigation commission and settled for the announcement of internal audits once 70% of the vaccinated population has been reached.

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