Armengol humiliates the IB-Salut and orders to reopen the case of the doctor who spoke in Spanish

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The Catalan crisis it does not end within the Balearic Government. After the Health Service (IB-Salut) closed the investigation inside and exonerated the doctor from the Son Pisà de Palma health center accused of committing a “linguistic aggression” against a 79-year-old patient for speaking to her in Castilian, President Francina Armengol forced the health department to reopen the case on Monday. In this way, the socialist took a position on the side of her nationalist partners in Més, disavowing the Ministry of Health led by her party colleagues and pillorying the CEO, Juli Fuster, whose position is now in solfa.


socialist said publicly on Monday that “It is not a closed investigation” Rather, “he is looking at what exactly happened” and warned that “the decisions that have to be made will be made.” Just 24 hours before, Salud had confirmed to local media that the investigation had concluded and that the doctor had given correct health care and within professional ethics, after ABC revealed this Sunday that the investigation had been shelved internally and without public dissemination in favor of the doctor.

Health accredited that «The professional provided an adequate consultation from the point of view of health care, with understanding between both parties at all times, and proof of that is that the patient the visit ended with the prescription of the appropriate treatment for the ailment he presented and appointment reserved for follow-up by your family doctor ». However, for Armengol and his partners, the process does not end there and the file now has to go through a new procedure before the Office for the Defense of Language Rights “to all go together in defense of those rights.”

According to Language Policy, area governed by the most radical wing of Més -the one that militates in ERC-, «the case cannot be considered solved without addressing the reason for the claim, which is the fact that a patient has had to renounce the right to express himself in Catalan in order to receive healthcare ».

It all started on August 30 when the journalist Bartomeu Font, through his Twitter account @cocovermallorca, denounced that the doctor did not want to “understand Catalan” to his 79-year-old mother and that meant “a lack of respect for the Majorcans ». Last week, Salud opened a “reserved information” to analyze whether this complaint was founded. The doctor denied the «linguistic aggression» and assured that she understands Catalan perfectly, that she has never asked any patient to change her language and insisted that she only informed the lady that she was going to address her in Spanish because, although she has years in Mallorca, he is better at handling in his mother tongue.

It is alleged case of linguistic discrimination originated a cascade of reactions from Catalanism in the Balearic Islands, from graffiti on a wall of the outpatient clinic to threats of mobilizations, passing through the dissemination of the data of the complaints collected by the Office for the Defense of Linguistic Rights or the publication of a signed opinion article for this and not for a position with name and surname. The crisis within the Government pact, formed by PSOE, United We Can and the nationalists of Més, was closed for the moment last Monday with an express meeting after which eThe Balearic Executive commits, among other things, to open information file -and if necessary, then sanctioning- any health worker reported to the Office of Language Rights.

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