At least one killed in a Tennessee high school shooting



The Konxville Police, in the US state of Tennessee, has reported at least one dead and one police officer killed after a shooting at the Austin-East Magnet Institute in the city.

Around 15:15 (local time) “several law enforcement agencies have responded to a shooting in which an officer was involved in the Instituto Austin-East Magnet«, The Police explained in a message posted on Twitter.

The Police responded to a “man who was possibly armed in the institute. As he approached the subject, shots were fired, “the writing continues.

A police officer was hit at least once and taken to a hospital with “injuries not expected to endanger his life”, while “another man has been pronounced dead at the scene, and another has been detained to investigate the incident”.

The statement adds that “there are no more known victims of the shooting “, despite the fact that at first he had reported” several victims of gunshots “.

The ‘Knoxville News Sentinel’ newspaper has reported, citing its own sources, that the situation “is no longer active”, although the institute is in a situation of closure, as explained by a spokeswoman for the Knox County Department of Education, Carly Harrington, cited by the newspaper itself.

The Police have subsequently reported the installation of a «meeting point«On the baseball field next to the institute.

For his part, the Knox County Superintendent of Schools, Bob Thomas, has communicated through Twitter that the institute has been “insured” and that the students “who have not been involved in the incident have been handed over to their families,” collects ABC News.

The gun law in the United States has been at the center of the debate in recent weeks, following the recent mass shootings in Atlanta, Boulder, Colorado and in South Carolina, which has prompted the president, Joe Biden, to enact initiatives to curb gun violence.

But especially in the state of Tenesse, the debate over weapons has been relevant since the governor, Bill Lee, will sign a decree last week that would allow most adults 21 and older to carry guns, either exposed or concealed, without permission, background checks or training.

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