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Advances in the field of Artificial Intelligence can overwhelm everything known in the coming years. In the world of transport, it begins to make more and more sense to automate driving before the challenge of approaching zero claims. But, for the moment, everything is part of a slow and complex transformation. Although there are initiatives that encourage us to think about the future of the sector. AutoX, A startup backed by e-commerce giant Alibaba, has announced the launch of a fleet of driverless robotaxis in the Chinese city of Shenzhen.

The company has secured in a release that it is the first player in China to launch a similar initiative, which may mark a milestone in the automotive and public transport sector. For this it will have a fleet of 25 cars designed to pick up passengers in different parts of the city.

To date, the previous alternatives that operated on public roads had had a limited impact by needing a safety driver to avoid possible risk situations. In some tests published on video, it is possible to observe the operation of the self-driving system on the street and how it is able to overcome obstacles and even overtake other vehicles.

AutoX, founded four years ago, is in talks with future investors to finance the expansion and development of the autonomous car fleet in the country, he says. Xiao Jianxiong, CEO of the company, in statements to Reuters. To launch the project, its engineers have modified several car models to test them in Chinese regions such as Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan y Wuhu.

AutoX also became the second company after Alphabet (Google) subsidiary Waymo to test a driverless vehicle on California public roads. The automotive industry and technology companies are investing millions of dollars in empowering autonomous driving systems with the aim of taking positions in the race for the mobility of the future. To attract new partners, many companies have been testing their technology on different series production vehicles in various cities.

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