Ayuso gives time freedom back to the hotel industry and nightlife and one hundred percent capacity to culture




Pubs, discos, party halls and nightlife venues in general see the barrier that prevented them from exercising their activity lifted: from next Monday, September 20, the Community of Madrid regain the freedom of schedules: that limit of 3 in the morning to close is over, which was still a pioneer in Spain. The freedom of schedules will also apply to restaurants. AND cinemas and theaters will regain one hundred percent capacity on that same date. This was announced yesterday by the regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

The decision was expected: Ayuso herself announced that if the epidemiological situation allowed it, she would relax the restrictions “in the third week of September.” In the affected sectors, they were waiting impatiently for him: Vicente Pizcueta, a spokesperson for Noche Madrid, also pointed out that the Madrid region would once again set the standard in this: “All Spain is waiting to see what Madrid does this week,” he said.

In the morning, the president of Madrid businessmen, Miguel Garrido (CEIM) also urged the regional government: “The time has come for us to return to normalcy; the weight of restrictions on freedom is beginning to be unsustainable.”

The Madrid president should think the same: in fact, with the vaccination above 80 percent among the target population, and a cumulative incidence at 14 days of 131.11 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, it seems the time has come to open the hand.

And so he announced last night: as of September 20, there will be time freedom in both the hotel and nightlife venues. And in them the capacity will increase.

More diners

In addition, Díaz Ayuso said, on that same date “there will no longer be capacity restrictions in cinemas and theaters,” and theaters may be filled to one hundred percent.

Finally, they increase the capacity outside, expanding from 8 to 10 the number of diners who can sit at the same table on a terrace.

The nightlife sector is probably the most affected by the pandemic: they were among the first to close, and they have remained that way, at least in Madrid, for practically 18 months. In some communities, openings and closings have occurred on several occasions, further complicating normalized activity for these businesses. Vicente Pizcueta, spokesperson for Noche Madrid, explained to ABC that they need the stability of knowing when they will be able to work to “recover ERTE staff, update facilities that have been closed for a long time, and rehire the activity of concerts and performances in alive”.

Ayuso: “How many absurd rules and gratuitous damage have been caused by decisions based on the fear of some politicians!”

The words of Díaz Ayuso open the way to the return to normality not only in discos, pubs and nightclubs, but also in the hotel industry, where the recovery of the freedom to choose at what time they close will allow improve business figures for many entrepreneurs.

As for the culture sector, Madrid was the first to reopen theaters and cinemas, with a part of the seats disabled to maintain social distances, and strict protocols at the entrances and exits so that there was no crowding of people. Now, from next Monday, they will be able to occupy all their seats.

It is the intention of the regional government to further reduce the limitations, as the epidemiological situation improves: “Our intention is to continue advancing in the relaxation of restrictions if the situation continues to improve,” said Díaz Ayuso.


The Madrid president measured the occasion on which to make her decision public: she did so during the speech of gratitude for the awarding of the Llama de la Libertad award, granted by the Bruno Leoni Institute, and that he received yesterday in Milan.

The award was awarded precisely phear your performance during the pandemic, in recognition of the policies applied in Madrid to combine the safeguarding of health during the pandemic with the survival of companies and businesses. An award, they said, to «Ayuso method: the maximum success in the fight against the disease, the minimum reduction of the freedom of the individuals ».

Ayuso recalled “the real damage” that fear has caused during the Covid pandemic: “How many absurd regulations and gratuitous damage have caused the decisions based on the fear of some politicians and businessmen!” However, in Madrid, he defended, his policies have resulted “that Madrid’s GDP has since grown by 31.7 percent, 12 points above the national average, and we have recovered the employment levels we had in 2019 ».

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