Ayuso warns that the most serious thing is to govern “against half a country”




There is only “something more serious than ruling for half a country: ruling against the other half.” It is the warning that he has sent, as a message, the president of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, during his speech at the act of commemoration of Constitution Day. When 42 years have passed since the approval of the Magna Carta, the traditional reception held in unison every year Regional Government and Government Delegation in Madrid It has been repeated in the Royal Post Office, although maintaining the security measures of the anti-Covid protocols.

Díaz Ayuso has made a fiery defense of the Constitution in his speech, and has clarified that “in the face of those who have drawn an irresponsible dividing line”, the Community of Madrid “is next to the Constitution, the parliamentary monarchy, of political pluralism and the unity of Spain, which is where the vast majority of Spaniards are.

He has wondered how the unity of Spain, the harmony and prosperity of the basic institutions of the State, at the same time as freedom, could have been put “in the wild”. “Today we are the only nation in the West that has allowed them to sit in the extremist government blue banks and groups that have unashamedly proclaimed that they came to destroy Spain and that they detested the consensus and the heritage of the Transition.

The Madrid president has insisted on highlighting the integrating character of the Constitution, which was born from the consensus “that the populists, extremists and separatists ». That, he recalled, is what allowed “each one to renounce getting everything so that everyone could feel reflected in the text.”

For this reason, he has advocated defending it tooth and nail because the Constitution is «The last barrier for totalitarians and the irresponsible do not destroy our patrimony of freedom and prosperity, of harmony and peace ». He has asked that the Magna Carta be read again in schools and institutes and that it be fulfilled and enforced “with a desire to live together.”

His words were supported by his vice president, Ignacio Aguado, convinced that the Constitution is “very strong, but not indestructible”, just like Spain, and that is why he has ask him to take care of it every day at the risk of those who “want to laminate it, destroy their freedoms.

For his part, the other host of the event, the Government delegate José Manuel Franco, has wanted to put aside any possible confrontation between administrations, something to which he has asked not to dedicate “not a second, not an iota of energy».

He has praised the Magna Carta that established a “framework of shared rules, destined to last over time and born from the will to agree” and to “build without imposing.” And if the Spain of 42 years ago «understood that it could not deny itself in its diversity, neither ideological nor territorial“, Recalls that today it is” contrary to the spirit of the Constitution, the desire of some to patrimonialize what belongs to all. “

Right of every generation

Furthermore, he added that “each generation has the right, even the duty, to leave its mark on a text that must evolve with according to the spirit of the timesor “, and that is why he believes that” the legitimate aspiration to modernize it must have a place in the change of era that Spain is about to undertake. ” Some changes that must be addressed “without extremism.”

«Many of those who have left us this year have been elderly men and women, and the vast majority of them were those who, with their vote, made it possible for the Spain of the Constitution on December 6, 1978 to become a a reality that today, 42 years later, his children enjoy and his grandchildren enjoy.

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