Ayuso’s rebellion against Genoa disrupts Casado’s plans before the national convention

The Genoa warnings to stop the debate on the future congress of the PP of Madrid, which is neither summoned nor has a fixed date, they have not been of any use. Two weeks before the party’s national convention, top priority for Pablo Casado with the aim of reinforcing its project in the second part of the legislature, Isabel Diaz Ayuso It has completely eclipsed that internal appointment and has managed to attract all the spotlights, after announcing its candidacy to preside over the party in Madrid, with a manager since Cristina Cifuentes resigned in April 2018. Casado has flatly rejected Ayuso’s pressure to advance the congress and will maintain the planned calendar, sources confirmed


“Pablo has shown that he does not admit pressure from anyone,” they warn in Genoa. He rejected them when many in the party argued that he should abstain from the inauguration of Sánchez, when others, such as Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, they demanded a government of concentration with the PSOE, or when they expressed their discrepancy with the vote against in Vox’s motion of censure. “Now it is not going to be different, he is not going to let himself be pressured”, they say in his team.

Ayuso sees important that the congress of the PP of Madrid It is held “soon”, to prepare as soon as possible for the municipal and regional elections of 2023 and to be able to name the candidates. But the calendar is already approved in advance by the National Board of Directors, with Ayuso’s vote included. There, a plan was given the green light that placed the single-province regional congresses in the first half of 2022. In Genoa they want it to be held in May or June of next year, just before the party’s national congress, scheduled for July. “We have no intention of moving that date. Isabel knows it », they warn.

The discomfort in the national leadership of the PP with Ayuso it grows with each passing day by opening and maintaining a debate that, according to what they maintain, hurts the party at this time. His differences with the secretary general, Teodoro García Egea, are increasingly evident and less hidden. Yesterday, at a press conference, Casado’s number two appeared again, supported by several vice-secretaries, to insist that “it is not necessary” to talk about the Madrid PP congress, because the entire party is focused on the national convention, led by Married.

Ayuso’s determination to defend his candidacy makes it clear that he is not following Genoa’s instructions. There is no agreement between the national leadership and the regional president. Their proposals are unilateral, they emphasize.

Inside war

PP leaders regret that right now, with all the polls in favor, and when the convention should serve as the definitive launching ramp for Casado’s project, an internal debate is opened, an ‘internal war’ according to many popular ones, “which does not benefit to nobody”. Nor to Ayuso, they comment in Genoa, since the insistence on wanting to preside over the PP in Madrid could turn against him.

The PP in Madrid has been working “very well” since 2018, according to Garcia Egea, with a manager chaired by Pío García-Escudero and with Ana Camins as general secretary. It is a totally different situation from the rest of the communities where the PP governs. In all, except in Madrid, the regional president is also the regional leader of the party. “But it is not comparable, in Madrid there are two very strong institutions, the Mayor’s Office and the Community, with two powerful leaders, something that does not happen in the rest,” they recall in Genoa. It was Casado himself who, in an informal conversation, spoke of keeping the ‘balance’ between these two great institutions, without tipping the balance to either side. And it was also Casado who, in the line that the general secretary marked in his last interview on ABC, placed Almeida in the race for the Madrid congress and avoided giving express support to Ayuso last week. The mayor has always been in favor of a ‘third way’, so that the Presidency of the regional party falls to someone other than Ayuso and himself. This ‘third way’ is not an invention of now, but was devised by José María Aznar more than two decades ago for the special case of Madrid.

Absence from the convention

“When the congress is called we will talk about all this,” the popular warn. And not before. Yesterday, the secretary general sent a blunt message to Hope Aguirre, who was both president of the Community and president of the Madrid PP. In an interview in ‘El Mundo’, Aguirre criticized the “children” who intoxicated from Genoa and expressed his support for Ayuso. “In something I agree with Aguirre: what destroyed the PP in Madrid was corruption,” García Egea launched like a missile.

Casado wants the national convention to send a message of unity and internal strength. The former presidents Rajoy and Aznar They will participate on Monday 27 and Tuesday 28, in Santiago and Valladolid, respectively, to support Casado. The convention will go through all the communities where the PP governs, and there a special role has been reserved for the regional presidents. In addition, on Saturday, October 2, in Valencia, there will be a table where all the barons of the party have been invited, to give a pineapple image around the leader. The problem is that Ayuso plans to organize a trip to the United States just during that week. Last night, in an interview at Cope, Casado appealed to the internal drive and to work together to reinforce the alternative government and “kick out Sánchez.”

“There is no negotiation”

From the environment of the president of the Community of Madrid they remain firm in Ayuso’s intention to assume the Presidency of the PP of Madrid and not to take any step back. Of course, they advance to ABC how the team will be presented with which they will be presented to the regional congress. «Ayuso will make his team, which will be an integration team, and there will be conversations, not negotiations. Now we cannot talk about negotiations because we do not know if there will be another party and what that party wants. It is necessary to integrate to renew “, assure the consulted sources.

To this day, these sources deny that there is any kind of negotiation with the national leadership of the PP: «There is no open negotiation with Genoa, they have not called to talk about this. Nor do we know if the mayor wants to appear or they are forcing him. We only know that Ayuso is going to present herself and that she wants to be the president, “they insist. In this sense, they reiterate: “She is not going to get on the municipal lists of the mayor of Madrid.”

Ayuso’s intention to speak openly about his candidacy has its origin in the discomfort with the insistence of members of the PP to speak during the summer of a third way, when she already communicated to Casado in May her intention to run for the regional Presidency. “We do not understand why when the party spoke of the third way it did play, and when she says ‘I introduce myself’ it does not play. Either it doesn’t touch, or it does touch ».

Ayuso, in an interview on ‘esRadio’, stated that he hopes his possible absence from the national convention as “a slight to anyone” because it coincides with a trip to the United States to promote the Community of Madrid. A move that has been preparing for months.


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