Bartomeu responds to Laporta and denies the president’s numbers




Josep Maria Bartomeu has issued a statement in which he responds to the Due Diligence presented by Barcelona last week. The club’s CEO, Ferran Reverter, accused the former president of “a disastrous management”, while revealing that if the club had been a Public Limited Company, it could have been dissolved. Subsequently, Joan Laporta In a radio interview, he shelled all the numbers of the entity and presented by the previous directive. Now Bartomeu, after carefully analyzing the content of the audit, has wanted to «make public a series of remarks that we consider necessary, addressed to the members of our club, in view of the latest events such as the presentation of the settlement for the 2020-21 financial year and the next celebration of the Assembly scheduled for this Sunday, October 17 ”.

Bartomeu makes an impact on the approval to which the annual accounts for the year 2020-21 must be submitted. The former leader wants to “put an end to a debate, which can only be apparent,” and makes it clear that it is “a single financial year which runs from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021, without it being legally possible to submit ‘tranches’ of annual accounts or similar for approval, and bearing in mind that the responsibility regarding the approval of the aforementioned accounts ( by imperative of article 34.1 of the Commercial Code) specifies the obligation indicating that at the end of the year, the employer will have to formulate the annual accounts of your company, which will include the balance sheet, the profit and loss account ”.

Bartomeu, on his behalf and the directors who accompanied him during the last legislature, assure that there are no doubts regarding the «responsibility of the current board of directors of the closing and results of the exercise». However, he insists on making a series of observations on different points: «The club has stopped earning a minimum of 330 million in the 2020-21 financial year due to the pandemic, the proposed losses include 262 million due to provisions and unusual deteriorations and that LaLiga qualifies as atypical, the board of directors that closes the year is solely responsible for the financial results, the audited net debt, adjusted with Espai Barça, was 558 million and not 1,350 million and, in no case, nor at any time, has the club been at risk of liquidation or dissolution ».

“It goes without saying that we welcome the fact that the current board of directors submits to the Assembly the approval of the financing of the Barça space with the same structure negotiated with Goldman Sachs, that is, with guarantees of future income, thus giving continuity to the institutional and patrimonial effort, which has been closed a few months ago with the final dismissal of the disputes presented to the MPGM, once agreed with practically the totality of the political forces of the Barcelona’s town hall. We have always considered it a club project of capital strategic importance that, with the adjustments that have to be made, can now begin the second phase, in Les Corts, after the construction of the Johan Cruyff in the Ciutat Esportiva de Sant Joan Despí, the ring internal Camp Nou and the first urbanization works around the neighborhood “, adds Bartomeu, who sends a message of certain optimism:” We agree with the current board of directors, that despite the terrible impact of Covid In the last 18 months, the club has been alive and has assets, brand, land, content, story and support from our sponsors, financial institutions, suppliers, employees, partners and culés from around the world to get ahead successfully and strengthened from this difficult stage ».

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