Belarra announces a package of measures to support families in the first 1,000 days after the baby is born




The Minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, Ione Belarra, announced this Wednesday that the Family Law will develop a state framework to accompany and support the first 1,000 days after the baby is born.

The minister explained that «sIt will be a package that will include measures aimed at guaranteeing a healthy and safe environment where upbringing takes place, access to a universal health and educational system, and to a healthy diet for all ». He added that there will also be more resources so that families feel accompanied in this first phase, and measures that favor conciliation: «We will promote a set of measures to support parents in the first phase of parenting and that all parents boys and girls have what they need during those first days.

Belarra has made this announcement in the presentation of the document ‘Bases for the Action Plan of the European Child Guarantee in Spain’, which took place at the Representation Office of the European Commission in Spain, in Madrid.

On this measure, he explained that It is a fundamental instrument that must be approached from a comprehensive and ambitious approach. “Poverty is not only monetary poverty, it is also not having access to free public health care, it is not being able to go to school or not doing it in the same conditions as your colleagues, it is not having a decent home and at an affordable price, is not being able to maintain a healthy and balanced diet», Said Belarra.

In this sense, he announced that “we are going to commit ourselves to dedicate to the Child Guarantee at least 527 million euros, that is, at least 5% of the European Social Fund Plus until 2027. Along with this, we will work tirelessly so that very soon, next March, we have the National Action Plan ready that will serve as a guide for everyone on our way to eradicate child poverty in our country.

The Minister of Social Rights has acknowledged that “she is very aware that it is a ambitious goal, and hopes to have the maximum support in this fundamental challenge that we have as a country. In this regard, he added that «we already have two essential tools, such as the Sectoral Conference on Childhood and Adolescence with the autonomous communities and local entities; and the recent State Council for the Participation of Children and Adolescents, which we have just created and which It will serve to channel the essential participation that children and adolescents should have in public policies. But, in addition, we will also incorporate civil society through the Social Dialogue Forum, which we will launch in December and which will serve to continue walking together in these challenges.

Finally, Belarra stressed that, in the coming months, «we will continue to claim a parenting income of 100 euros per month for all children or the extension of paternity and maternity leave up to six months. This ministry is already working, at full capacity, on a Family Law that will recognize the diversity that already exists in our country and will ensure the protection of all of them.

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