Benzema will renew until 2023, but will only continue as long as he feels well



He has fought against the Covid and is already in Madrid to continue a preseason that he has carried out confined for ten days. Karim Benzema, 33, will sign in a matter of days his continuity at Real Madrid for two years. It has made it clear in the agreement, which has actually entered into force from the first day of July, that if he does not feel at his level he will leave the club earlier. The forward does not want to be a hindrance for the club that has given him everything. If you don’t see yourself in the way that made you great, you will quit before 2023 the white set. He knows that the demands of the team are enormous and it won’t be a burden.

The boy born in Bron, next to Lyon, He even refused to sign a three-year contract, until 2024, because he is honest with Real Madrid and wants to feel how he is in the future to decide whether to continue one more campaign, until 36, or not. He’s a forward and it’s not easy to keep up at that age. Did the same Zidane, who hung up his boots in 2006 when he had one year left on his contract. He forgave him because he no longer felt like the great player he was. Benzema, like Zizou, will not crawl across the field. He will play until he feels good.

The striker will sign his contract with a ten percent pay cut the first year and with a rise of fifteen percent in the second. He would like to have Mbappé by his side, with whom he got on well in the French team.

Unforgettable your presentation at the Bernabéu, on July 9, 2009, as a new Real Madrid footballer, next to Florentino Pérez, at the Bernabéu, in front of thousands and thousands of fans in the middle of Madrid’s summer, because he well knows that in Madrid there are people for everything. And there was, well, there was. Have been fulfilled twelve years after its premiere and today you can proudly say who is the number one foreign soccer player in the history of the house founded in 1902.

He is the tenth player with the most Real Madrid games, 559, and his future goal is to become the second all-time goalscorer for the White House. He has 279 goals and aims to beat Santillana (290), Di Stéfano (309) and Raúl (323) in these two years. Cristiano’s 451s are stratospheric

Twelve years later it is consecrated. Close, warm, smiling, his sneaker work with Mbappé en The French team to force their situation and request the transfer to PSG, on the way to Real Madrid, has been magnificent. Begin to his thirteenth campaign in the Madrid team.

He is already the foreign footballer with the most games for Real Madrid, 559, tenth in the absolute ranking, equaled with Michel. Next season he will be able to overcome, if he does not suffer a major injury, Pirri (561), Camacho (577), Hierro and People, both with 601.

Ahead would be Santillana (645), Sergio Ramos (671), Sanchís (719), Casillas (725) and Raúl, 741, record of the entity.

The Frenchman is the club’s fifth historic gunner, with 279 goals, eleven less than Santillana, your next challenge. The next goal will be to reach the 309 by Di Stéfano and then 323 by Raúl, a goal that is set to fuel his ambition. The number one gunner, Cristiano, 551 points, is unattainable, stratospheric.

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