Biden confirms that Fauci will continue to lead the special team against the coronavirus in the US

Biden has advanced that he will ask Americans to wear a mask during his first 100 days in charge of the White House


The president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, confirmed this Thursday that the main scientific responsible in the fight against the coronavirus in the country, Anthony Fauci, would continue to advise the next Democratic administration.

“I asked him to remain in exactly the same position he had with the last presidents, and I asked him to also be my chief medical adviser and part of the COVID-19 team,” Biden revealed to CNN.

The future head of the White House has also advanced that he will ask Americans to wear a mask during his first 100 days in office, a measure, he has said, that “will not be forever”, but that can mean a “significant reduction” of the number of daily cases.

In that sense, Biden has said that, within its powers, it will decree the use of the mask as mandatory within public spaces, such as federal buildings, or in interstate transportation, such as buses or airplanes.


Biden has also referred to the “astonishingly low” expectations that a part of the American population has regarding the effectiveness of the vaccine and has announced that as soon as Fauci considers that it is safe, he will submit to it before the audience.

“People have lost faith in the ability of the vaccine. The numbers are staggeringly low, and the example of the president and vice president is important,” he said.

A day before these statements, his most immediate predecessors in office, except Donald Trump, affirmed that they would volunteer to undergo the vaccine publicly and thus show their confidence in it.

“If Anthony Fauci tells me this vaccine is safe, of course I will take it,” said former President Barack Obama, who proposed that the process could be televised so that Americans would know, he said, that he trusts “this science.” A formula that Bill Clinton and George W. Bush would join, according to CNN.

“I think my three predecessors have set the blueprint for what to do, once it is declared safe, of course we will accept it, but it is also important to communicate it to the American people,” Biden said.

The United States, the country most affected by the coronavirus pandemic, has registered a record number of people hospitalized this week after exceeding 100,000 patients admitted throughout the country.

The rebound in cases is due, to a large extent and according to experts, to information about the imminent vaccination campaign. The Center for Disease Control has further indicated that more vaccines are expected to be available before the end of the year.

In the last 24 hours, the United States has exceeded 14 million accumulated cases, according to the latest part offered by Johns Hopkins University, which has estimated the deaths at 275,550.


In another vein, Biden has also shown some concern about the latest news that assures that his predecessor would be considering the possibility of carrying out several pardons, including those of his children, and a preventive one for his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuiliani, for his personal business in Ukraine.

“I am concerned in terms of the precedents it can set and how the rest of the world sees us,” he said, although while he has assured that it is not up to Trump to tell Trump how to handle this matter, he has advanced that his Administration will work the justice system in “a totally different way.”

“The Department of Justice belongs to the people. So the person (s) you choose to lead that department will have the ability and independence to decide who is prosecuted and who is not,” he said.

While waiting for the new attorney general to be appointed, Biden manages a string of names to fill the position, including the former Secretary of Homeland Security under Obama, Jeh Johnson, or the former deputy attorney, Sally Yates; although it is not ruled out who will soon leave his post as senator from Alabama, Doug Jones.

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