Bildu demands a referendum on the annexation of Navarra to a «confederal Basque republic»




EH Bildu insists on the annexation of Navarra to a «confederal Basque republic». In this regard, the spokesman for the batasunos in the Pamplona City Council, Joseba Asiron, today demanded “an opportunity to debate and decide” the relationship between this territory and the rest of Spain through a referendum. “It is time to address the debate on our model of coexistence,” he said.

The sovereignist coalition, a strategic partner of the PSOE in the Foral Community and a key piece for the approval of Pedro Sánchez’s Budgets, has taken advantage of the previous Navarra Day to demand one of its oldest wishes, such as the linking of this territory to the Country Basque. In this sense, Joseba Asiron has argued that Navarra “has not democratically decided its legal-political status, nor its relationship with the rest of the Basque historical territories, nor its connection with the Spanish State.”

According to the Bildu leader, who today staged a press conference at the Pamplona City Hall together with Bakartxo Ruiz, spokesman for the Batasunos in the Foral Parliament, there is an “undemocratic veto” in relations between the Basque territories “that was imposed de facto through the Amejoramiento de Navarra ».

“Navarra cannot live with its back to other Basque territories,” he asserted, making no mention of the relationship that already exists between this autonomy, the Basque Country and the French south through the “Euroregion of Nueva Aquitaine, Euskadi and Navarra ». It has also obviated that only two out of ten citizens of the Foral Community bet on the right to independence, according to CIS data.

Despite this, Asiron has assured that the Navarrese want to “decide.” “And we want to do it in a sovereign manner, because it is the only guarantee to advance on the path of maintaining social welfare and dreaming of real social justice,” he said. In this sense, he has openly advocated a «confederal Basque republic» that «considers and gives channel to the singularities of each one of the Basque territories».

The batasunos have made these statements just days after giving the “yes” to the central government budget. Arnaldo Otegui, general coordinator of the independence party, has already advanced that his support for the Accounts constitutes one more step to negotiate a “solution” to “the national conflicts in Euskal Herria and Catalonia.” Arkaitz Rodríguez, leader of Sortu, spoke along the same lines, who stated that his objective in Madrid is none other than to “end the regime.”

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