Bolsonaro dismisses the Minister of Tourism after a clash between him and the head of the Government Secretariat


The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, dismissed the Minister of Tourism, Marcelo Álvaro Antonio, a day after he staged a clash with the head of the Government Secretariat, Luiz Eduardo Ramos, whom he accused of having “conspired “to get him out of office.

According to a conversation in the WhatsApp group in which the entire Bolsonaro team of ministers is located, and to which the newspaper ‘O Globo’ has had access, Antonio and Ramos starred in a dialectical dispute in which the first accused the second of be hatching a plan to get him out of the Ministry of Tourism.

“It does not surprise me that Minister Ramos asks for my head,” Antonio said in a long message in which he highlighted the agreements and work he carried out during his time at the head of Tourism, and in which he also accused Ramos of negotiating various positions, including his, with the full Congress.

While waiting for it to be made official, President Bolsonaro has already advanced to the unconditional who mill around daily at the gates of the Alvorada Palace, that the current president of the Brazilian Agency for International Tourism Promotion (Embratur), Gilson Machado , will be the new Minister of Tourism.

Hours earlier, it had been Bolsonaro’s son, Eduardo, who used his social networks to wish Machado “good luck”. “May God enlighten him on this new path,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

This is the first change in the leadership of Tourism, in a ministerial team used to constant variations. On the eve of the third year of the ultra-conservative government in Brazil, Bolsonaro, with this, has already modified the holders of his portfolios on up to fifteen occasions, with Health being the most, with up to three ministers.


Finally, it has been the discrepancies with some colleagues in the government that have removed Antonio from the Ministry of Tourism, and not the accusations against him for his alleged participation in the scandal of the ghost candidates, or how they are known in Brazil ‘candidates oranges’.

In October 2019, Antonio was singled out by the Federal Police and accused by the Prosecutor’s Office for having presented fraudulent candidacies for the Social Liberal Party (PSL) in the 2018 elections.

According to investigations, Antonio registered a number of women who would not run for election to get more funding for the campaign and divert those funds.

For that same case, Bolsonaro dismissed at the end of February 2019 the former minister of the Government Secretariat, Gustavo Bebianno, former president of the PSL, who died the following month.

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