Britney Spears facing her more uncertain future for the custody of her children

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Britney Spears and his ex, Kevin Federline, they have two children, Sean Preston and Jayden, 16 and 15 respectively, after their divorce a judge awarded them 50 percent joint custody, but in September 2019, after Sean’s confrontation with his grandfather Jamie, the agreement changed 70 percent of the time for Federline and 30 percent for the artist. Kevin denounced the singer’s father for having beaten Sean and got a restraining order against the children’s grandfather preventing them from seeing them. The reduction in visitation rights was one of the triggers that provoked the anger of Britney with his father.

With the change in guardianship, the attorneys for Federline They warn that they will not modify the custody agreement and that the singer’s children will continue to spend more time with their father than with their mother. Despite his tough battle for his guardianship, Britney Make the most of the little time you spend with your children. “Britney’s happiest moments are when she is with her children,” revealed a source to Us Weekly magazine. “Even with all the rules and restrictions in his life, when he is with them, he forgets everything.” The source stated that the Grammy-winning artist “is a fun and dedicated mom. The problem is that she has no influence in the lives of her children, Kevin makes all the important decisions. With the dissolution of the guardianship, due to the age of the children, the custody agreement between the parents will be maintained.

The agreement of Britney and Kevin is that she sees children based on when she wants to see them and also what they want. According to Federline’s lawyers, “there is no need to change things because everyone is happy and, at the age of Sean and Jayden, there is less concern about their supervision. Britney and K-Fed’s children appeared on social media this week with their father’s friend, a choreographer named Eddie Morales, and they were both all smiles as they posed with him. Sean is shown playing the piano in a video, which he did implying that he could follow in his mother’s musical footsteps.

Last March, Britney He posted a photo with his two sons adding that the relationship is good. The teenagers were born from her relationship with her ex-husband, the dancer Kevin Federline, and they live with the musician in Malibu. Federline supported Spears in his judicial fight to end his father’s guardianship and regain his economic and personal autonomy, which he lost in 2008. Britney He has cried a lot during the childhood of his children because he has not seen them much, sources close to the star have explained. “Now that they are older they spend more time with their friends than with their parents. They love her and idolize her. On not posting a lot of photos with her children, Spears said: “I have not uploaded photos of them for a while (the last one was in 2019) because they are at an age where they need to express their own ideas and I understand that… but I have managed let me upload this one.

Teens support the #FreeBritney movement, as well as the documentary that aired in February that talks about life and the legal battle he has Spears against his father. The next guardianship hearing for Britney It is scheduled for November 12, but regardless of the outcome, your child custody status will not change.

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